Nucleus Security Secures $43 Million in Series B Funding to Lead Innovation in Vulnerability Management

In a significant development within the cybersecurity industry, Nucleus Security, the creators of a pioneering Risk-Based Vulnerability Management platform, has announced an impressive $43 million in Series B funding. The round was led by Arthur Ventures and Lead Edge Capital, propelling the company forward in its mission to redefine enterprise risk exposure management across various digital landscapes in a comprehensive, unified platform.

Ryan Kruizenga, General Partner at Arthur Ventures, expressed excitement about deepening their relationship with Nucleus Security during this phase of remarkable expansion. “Nucleus Security has established itself as a front-runner in innovation within the vulnerability and risk management sector, showing an unmatched ability to transform vulnerability management protocols for major enterprises across virtually every industry. This new funding will not only support Nucleus’s expanding client base but also fast-track its mission to redefine the management of business attack surfaces and security postures—aiming to mitigate cyber breaches and compromises effectively,” elaborated Kruizenga.

In an exciting new partnership, In-Q-Tel (IQT), the not-for-profit strategic investor for the U.S. national security community and its allies, has also joined the Series B funding round. This collaboration ensures that Nucleus’s offerings continue to evolve in a manner that meets the exacting needs of government agencies overseeing national security and critical infrastructure.

“Our excitement to collaborate with Nucleus emanates from the immediate value we anticipate it will bring to our government partners, who face the challenge of managing vulnerabilities in highly complex environments,” shared Grant Whiting, Partner at IQT. Reflecting on the origins of Nucleus Security’s technology, which was initially inspired by the challenge governmental agencies faced in managing vulnerabilities and attack surfaces, CEO and Co-Founder Steve Carter remarked, “Our journey has now come full circle, allowing us to continue exerting a significant, positive impact on our nation’s security.”

This influx of capital is specifically allocated towards accelerating product innovation, research, and development activities, underscoring Nucleus Security’s leadership in risk-based vulnerability management. Chris Peltz, Practice Lead for VM and AppSec at GuidePoint Security, commended Nucleus Security’s commitment to evolving its capabilities, recognizing it as an essential strategy for addressing the rapidly escalating threats faced by modern enterprises. “Nucleus Security’s investments in enhancing its capabilities offer reassurance in a landscape where adversaries exploit vulnerabilities quicker than ever, helping customers to respond to time-sensitive threats as swiftly as possible,” Peltz acclaimed.

The cybersecurity community has widely acknowledged Nucleus Security’s achievements, as evidenced by its recognition in five prestigious 2023 analyst reports from leading entities such as Gartner, Forrester, Omdia, GigaOm, and Frost and Sullivan. Notably, Nucleus Security has claimed leadership positions in two of these analyses, standing out as the sole platform tailored to navigate the intricate challenges faced by the world’s most extensive, critical vulnerability management programs.

“While numerous enterprises are well-equipped with advanced technologies for identifying vulnerabilities, the real obstacle exists in the effective organization, enrichment, and analysis of this data in order to make informed decisions,” noted Steve Carter. “Efficient last-mile processes are essential for delivering pertinent vulnerability information to the right stakeholders at the opportune moment. This round of funding will propel our goal of becoming the all-encompassing platform that leverages all assets, vulnerabilities, and intelligence data to provide a unified overview necessary for the security organization to address threats aptly.”

For organizations looking to revolutionize their vulnerability and risk management programs, Nucleus offers a trail-blazing solution. Interested parties are encouraged to visit for a free 30-day trial and witness firsthand how Nucleus can transform their cybersecurity posture.

About Nucleus Security

Nucleus Security stands at the forefront of the cybersecurity technology industry, specializing in Risk-Based Vulnerability Management software and vulnerability intelligence. The company’s platform serves as a cornerstone for the world’s most significant, critical, and demanding vulnerability management programs, setting a new standard in enterprise security.

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