Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree Doesn’t Feature New Material from George R.R. Martin

The anticipated expansion to the critically acclaimed Elden Ring, titled Shadow of the Erdtree, comes with exciting updates but one revelation might catch fans off-guard: George R.R. Martin, celebrated for his work on the A Song of Ice and Fire series which inspired the Game of Thrones television series, has not penned new material for this extension of the game’s universe. The original game’s narrative was a joint effort that saw the esteemed novelist lay down the foundational mythos, leaving the unfolding of current events to the talented narrative team at FromSoftware.

The game’s director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, shared insights into the development of Shadow of the Erdtree, clarifying the extent of Martin’s involvement in this latest expansion. According to Miyazaki, the new content draws from the vast lore already established by Martin for the original game. “George R.R. Martin’s contribution remains consistent with what was seen in the main game,” Miyazaki explained. “The expansion delves into a segment of the lore he crafted, bringing to light another chapter of the story we felt was compelling and deserved exploration.”

Miyazaki further emphasized that the narrative for Shadow of the Erdtree was not a freshly penned mythos by Martin specifically for this DLC. It instead revisits part of the pre-existing universe Martin helped create. “There hasn’t been a new narrative contribution that directly influenced the development of this DLC,” he added. “We’re essentially exploring a different facet of the same world, through a story arc we believe players will find rich and engaging.”

Though details on the plot are still shrouded in mystery, it has been disclosed that the storyline will kick off in the intriguing Land of Shadow, a significant locale in the lore as it is notably the first region encountered by Marika.

The journey to Shadow of the Erdtree began once the core game’s development concluded, with Miyazaki and his team dedicating time to conceive the expansion’s foundational ideas. The production phase of the DLC commenced earnestly after the main game received several rounds of updates and patches, setting the stage for the expansion to take shape and eventually unveil new adventures within the Elden Ring universe.

This latest revelation regarding Martin’s involvement—or the continuity thereof—presents an interesting dynamic for fans and players. It underscores FromSoftware’s capability to weave complex narratives within the framework set by Martin, promising an expansion that, while deeply rooted in the established lore, aims to offer fresh explorations and challenges in the Lands Between.

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