Elden Ring Mouse Software on PC Can Cause Framerate Issues, FromSoftware Says

If you’ve been delving into the mystical and dangerous lands of Elden Ring on PC, you might have come across an unexpected adversary, not mentioned in any guides or forums: your mouse software. FromSoftware, the developers behind the epic fantasy adventure, have recently issued a notice regarding potential framerate issues related to mouse software while playing their game.

The issue came to light after the much-anticipated release of the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, with many players reporting unexpected stuttering and framerate drops. The official support channel from FromSoftware has identified that running mouse-control software in the background might be the culprit behind these performance hitches. Specifically, they mentioned, “In the PC version, the frame rate may not be stable when playing the game while running a mouse-control related app. In that case, please try playing the game after stopping the mouse-control related app.”

This statement underscores a larger truth applicable to PC gaming in general; background applications, especially those controlling peripheral devices, can sometimes interfere with the smooth running of games. It’s not just a quirk exclusive to Elden Ring. These applications can take up valuable system resources or cause conflicts with the game’s software, leading to less than optimal performance. For Elden Ring players, the dream of journeying through the expansive lands without interruption might simply be a matter of exiting their mouse software.

To maximize your experience with Elden Ring or indeed any other high-demand PC game, it might be wise to take a moment to close unnecessary applications before launching the game. This includes not only mouse software but also other peripheral control apps or background applications that are not crucial for your gaming session. By doing so, you not only ensure smoother gameplay but also protect your PC from potential software conflicts that can arise from running too many processes at once.

This insight into software interference is especially relevant with Elden Ring and the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, both of which offer a rich and immersive gameplay experience that demands the full potential of your PC. Whether you’re battling gargantuan bosses, exploring the vast landscapes, or deciphering the deep lore of the game, the last thing you want is for technical issues to pull you out of the experience.

Following FromSoftware’s advice, taking a few simple steps to streamline your PC’s running processes before launching Elden Ring can make all the difference. This ensures that every frame rendered brings the captivating world of Elden Ring to life without distraction, letting you fully immerse in the epic saga as it was meant to be experienced.

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