Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) Q4 2024 Earnings Call Transcript

Welcome everyone to Electronic Arts’ Fiscal Year End and Fourth Quarter 2024 Earnings Conference Call. We have Andrew Wilson, CEO, and Stuart Canfield, CFO here with us today to discuss the recent earnings report and provide insights into the company’s future direction.

Company Performance Overview

EA has had a remarkable year, delivering innovative content and fostering connections across the globe. The entertainment landscape continues to evolve, with consumer preferences consolidating around top franchises and digital experiences. EA’s strategy aligns with these shifts, focusing on engaging massive online communities, delivering blockbuster stories, and leveraging communal power in gaming.

This year marked significant achievements, including the successful launch of EA SPORTS FC, highlighting our commitment to evolving as an industry leader. Our franchises, including Madden NFL and The Sims, have seen substantial growth, affirming our position at the forefront of digital entertainment.

Fiscal Highlights and Strategic Pillars

EA posted net bookings of $7.43 billion for the fiscal year, evidencing the company’s strong performance in a competitive market. Our successful franchises like FC and Madden NFL have contributed immensely to this achievement, with both experiencing record net bookings.

Our strategic focus has been on three pillars: engaging with our audiences through massive online communities, crafting unmatched blockbuster stories, and enhancing community interactions within and around our games. This strategy has underpinned our growth and will continue to drive our success moving forward.

Looking Ahead: Strategic Investments and Growth Opportunities

Moving forward, EA is poised for continued growth, emphasizing mobile platforms and expanding our beloved franchises. Mobile remains the largest platform in our industry, and we’re strategically investing in both mobile adaptations of our franchises and standalone mobile titles. Our aim is to harness innovation and efficiency, including the integration of AI, to streamline development processes and enhance game experiences.

Moreover, we’re excited about the opportunities in live service offerings across our portfolio, from sports to action-adventure games. Innovative experiences in titles like Apex Legends and the anticipation around the return of EA SPORTS College Football underscore our commitment to delivering engaging content that meets evolving player needs.

Investor Relations and Future Projections

Stuart Canfield shared an optimistic outlook for FY 2025, projecting net bookings of $7.3 billion to $7.7 billion, illustrating confidence in our strategy, pipeline, and market position. Key to this success is our focus on strategic pillars, investment in innovation, and commitment to delivering engaging player experiences.

We also announced a stock repurchase program, underscoring our belief in EA’s long-term value creation and our commitment to delivering shareholder value. This repurchase program reflects our strong financial position and confidence in our future growth trajectory.

As we look to the future, our focus remains on leveraging our strengths in developing engaging content, deepening player connections, and expanding our market share in the evolving entertainment landscape. Our upcoming Investor Day will provide further insights into our growth strategy and development pipeline, highlighting our roadmap for maintaining a leading position in the industry.


In closing, EA continues to lead through innovation, strategic investment, and a deep understanding of the entertainment landscape. Our unwavering commitment to engaging players, delivering groundbreaking experiences, and driving growth positions us for an exciting future. We thank our dedicated teams, partners, and the community for their continued support as we embark on another year of opportunity and growth.

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