JFrog and Datadog Forge New Alliance to Elevate Cloud Migration and Application Insights

In a groundbreaking development, JFrog, the pioneering force behind the Liquid Software vision and esteemed creators of the comprehensive JFrog Software Supply Chain Platform, have joined forces with Datadog, the vanguards of observability and security for cloud applications. This partnership heralds the inception of an innovative integration aimed at empowering developers with profound insights into application utilization and performance metrics, thereby facilitating a smoother transition to cloud environments.

This collaboration introduces the JFrog Artifactory Log Streamer Integration with Datadog Flex, a revolutionary approach to infrastructure management. By automating the aggregation and analysis of logs, this integration minimizes maintenance efforts while providing developers with instant, actionable insights. The focus of this collaboration is to prioritize critical logs that drive significant business value, enhancing overall efficiency and performance across the software development lifecycle.

As enterprises continue to navigate the complexities of migrating DevOps workloads to cloud platforms, the importance of reliability and trust in these environments has never been more critical. Software infrastructure plays a pivotal role in the operational backbone of companies today, necessitating a transparent and straightforward mechanism for monitoring app health and usage metrics. The synergy between JFrog and Datadog addresses this need head-on, offering DevOps teams a seamless, maintenance-free infrastructure solution that boasts a single source of truth, complemented by comprehensive visibility through Datadog’s preferred observability toolkit.

With a projected 85% of organizations adopting cloud-first strategies by 2025, and 95% of new digital workloads being deployed on these platforms, the urgency for streamlined cloud migration solutions is evident. The JFrog-Datadog integration accelerates this transition by centralizing log data and making it accessible from anywhere, furnished with pre-built Datadog dashboards for a granular view of software utilization and trends.

The integration simplifies the diagnostic process for developers, enabling them to address issues swiftly through enhanced contextual insights. By correlating logs with key performance metrics, this partnership aims to refine the development and monitoring processes of cloud-based and hybrid applications, ensuring operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The convergence of JFrog’s expertise in software supply chain management with Datadog’s prowess in observability and security marks a significant milestone in the evolution of cloud migration and app utilization analytics. This partnership not only streamlines operational workflows but also enriches the developer experience, setting a new standard for innovation and excellence in the realm of cloud computing and DevOps.

About JFrog

JFrog, the company behind the ambitious Liquid Software vision, has established itself as a beacon of innovation in the software supply chain domain. With its comprehensive platform, JFrog empowers organizations to accelerate the development, management, and distribution of software, ensuring rapid, secure, and frictionless delivery from developer to device. The platform’s unique blend of security and distribution capabilities supports a seamless digital transformation journey for millions of users and thousands of enterprises worldwide, including an impressive roster of Fortune 100 companies. As the digital landscape evolves, JFrog continues to be at the forefront of delivering solutions that meet the ever-changing demands of software development and deployment in a cloud-centric world.

This partnership underscores a shared commitment to advancing the technological frameworks that support our digital society, highlighting the transformative potential of collaboration in the tech industry. As enterprises and developers embark on their cloud migration journeys, the JFrog and Datadog alliance stands as a testament to the power of strategic partnership in driving innovation and operational excellence.

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