CEN and CENELEC Embrace Council Conclusions on Elevating Knowledge Valorisation

In a significant move on May 23, the Council rendered its verdict to usher in a new phase for Europe’s industry and economy by adopting conclusions aimed at ‘strengthening knowledge valorisation as a tool for a resilient and competitive industry and for strategic autonomy in an open economy in Europe’. This initiative signifies a monumental step towards optimizing the utilization of knowledge as a pivotal asset in bolstering Europe’s competitive edge and strategic independence in the global arena.

At the core of these Council conclusions lies the strategic enhancement of knowledge valorisation capacities. This ambitious goal is to be achieved through a comprehensive approach, encompassing the development of funding tools, the establishment of robust policies and frameworks, and the bolstering of the innovation landscape thru a reinforced network of intermediaries and facilitators. The essence of these initiatives is to bridge the existing gaps and foster a seamless symbiosis between groundbreaking research and its practical, market-ready applications.

In a notable directive, the Council called upon the Commission to spearhead efforts in connecting research and technological infrastructures more efficiently. A particular emphasis was placed on ensuring these resources are accessible to the backbone of Europe’s economy – the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The Conclusion’s vision extends to devising support services that are pivotal in navigating the complex terrains of intellectual asset management, alongside offering training and insights into regulatory or standardization aspects critical for the commercialization of innovations.

This recent initiative does not stand in isolation but is rather a continuation and reinforcement of the Council Recommendation on the guiding principles for knowledge valorisation adopted in 2022. It is a coherent part of the European Commission’s ongoing endeavors to underline the critical role of standardization in fostering a culture of knowledge valorisation. This includes initiatives such as the Code of Practice on standardization in the European Research Area and insights gleaned from the European Standardization Panel survey.

As the European machinery geared towards a more integrated and innovation-driven economy sets in motion, the roles of CEN and CENELEC become increasingly pivotal. These organizations stand at the forefront of these transformative efforts, underlining the indispensability of standardization and strategic knowledge management in propelling Europe towards its vision of a resilient, competitive, and strategically autonomous economy.

The conclusions adopted by the Council represent a resonating call to action for all stakeholders within the European innovation ecosystem. This intricately designed blueprint not only aims at enhancing the existing infrastructure and policies but also anticipates the creation of thriving environments where knowledge, in its assorted facets, can be valorised to its fullest potential. As we edge closer to realizing this vision, the interplay between research, innovation, and standardization will undoubtedly herald a new era of industrial competence and economic resilience for Europe.

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