Singer Studios Sets Sail with Lucy Liu in “The Pirate Queen: A Forgotten Legend” VR Game

In an innovative move bridging the gap between gaming and historical storytelling, Singer Studios has launched its inaugural venture into the narrative adventure genre with The Pirate Queen: A Forgotten Legend. This virtual reality game, debuting during International Women’s History Month, plunges players into the epic saga of Cheng Shih, history’s most formidable female pirate, with the acclaimed Lucy Liu embodying the iconic role.

Offered at a retail price of $17, The Pirate Queen is now accessible to virtual adventurers on Meta Quest and Steam platforms. The game sets its scene in the 19th-century tempestuous seas of the South China Sea, casting players in the pivotal night Cheng Shih assumes command of the legendary Red Flag Fleet. This experience not only celebrates Cheng Shih’s remarkable historical figure but also marks a venture into integrating profound narrative depth within the VR landscape.

With a foundation grounded in historical richness, Singer Studios, under the guidance of Eloise Singer and the spotlight performance of Lucy Liu, designed the game to offer a deep narrative experience layered with authenticity and excitement. Liu shared her journey of uncovering Cheng Shih’s story, expressing amazement at her tactical prowess and the immersive realization of her tale within the game’s virtual universe. The project aims to merge traditional storytelling with innovative gaming, crafting an experience that transcends conventional gaming approaches.

The Pirate Queen stands out by focusing on elements of stealth and exploration. It is engineered to be accessible to players of all ages, encouraging them to engage in covert maneuvers, agile climbs, and the unveiling of Cheng Shih’s obscured narrative, all set within an accurately depicted historical context. The development team endeavored to present this story with the utmost cultural sensitivity, reflecting a deep respect for the historical and cultural heritage it portrays.

Maja Bodenstein, the game’s lead writer, emphasized the importance of a culturally respectful narrative, drawing from her own Chinese-German heritage and upbringing in Hong Kong. The design philosophy was guided by the intent to craft a gaming experience that is both enjoyable and instructive, centered around the player’s journey.

The game has already garnered acclaim, securing the Tribeca Storyscapes Award in 2023 and the Raindance Discovery Award in 2021, signaling a promising start for Singer Studios within the gaming industry. Eloise Singer, CEO of Singer Studios, shared her enthusiasm for launching the game during such a pivotal month, signaling the onset of a broader The Pirate Queen universe. The studio is set to further explore Cheng Shih’s narrative across multiple media, including graphic novels, films, and television series.

Founded in 2017 by Eloise Singer, Singer Studios has since been involved in various high-profile projects, including the production of Billie Piper’s Rare Beasts and The Last Rifleman starring Pierce Brosnan. Additionally, the studio is developing the investigative documentary series Inheritance in collaboration with XYZ Films and Library Films. With a commitment to highlighting stories of female pioneers, Singer Studios is pioneering a space where gaming, history, and storytelling converge into compelling narrative experiences.


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