EXOPRIMAL’s Journey Comes to a Pause: No More New Seasonal Content

Exoprimal, Capcom’s intriguing third-person shooter that pits advanced exosuits against prehistoric dinosaurs, is facing a major change in its lifecycle. Launched in July 2023, this multiplayer game captured attention with its unique premise and promise of a live-service model teeming with regular updates to keep the player base engaged. However, developments indicate a shift in this strategy, marking the end of new seasonal content for the game.

What This Means for Players

Despite this pivot, Capcom reassures players that Exoprimal will continue to operate. Previously released seasonal content remains accessible for purchase, ensuring newcomers and veterans alike can still enjoy the game’s full breadth of offerings.

Following the conclusion of Season 4 on July 11, Capcom outlined its plan to cycle through existing seasons, starting anew each month. “After Season 4, Season 1 will make a comeback. Then, on the first of every month, a new season will launch,” the company declared. This cycle will reintroduce Season Passes 1 through 3 for purchase, allowing players to collect items from all available seasons.

The assurance extends to the game’s online services, which will persist. The replay of seasonal content is structured, so come July, players will revisit Season 1, followed by the sequential re-release of subsequent seasons. This rotation promises to extend Exoprimal‘s replayability well into the future. Moreover, all gameplay modes will stay operational. Capcom commits to maintaining the core Dino Survival mode alongside the Savage Gauntlet and Time Loop Rebellion for endgame content. For those adventuring solo or with a reduced squad, AI-controlled Exofighters ensure the story progresses to its designed culmination.

The Implications of This Shift

One can’t help but question the implications of this announcement. Concerns hover around the game’s longevity and whether it justifies investing in seasonal content. Launched with excitement and initially seen as a success, especially considering the one million players it drew in just two months, the change in direction might reflect deeper issues with sustaining interest or revenue from seasonal content.

Nevertheless, Exoprimal remains accessible for gaming enthusiasts and continues to provide a blend of science fiction and prehistoric action. Despite mixed reviews, averaging around a 67/100 score on Metacritic, the game’s premise and execution still present a unique offering in the realm of online multiplayer games. The setup features cutting-edge human technology in the form of exosuits thrown against the savage might of dinosaurs, providing a fresh spin on team-based action dynamics.

As Capcom navigates this new phase for Exoprimal, players can continue to delve into its world, albeit with the knowledge that the landscape of new content will remain familiar. While the game may not evolve with fresh seasonal additions in the foreseeable future, its existing content and the community it has built promise to keep the experience alive. For enthusiasts of the genre and the game, this represents an opportunity to master their favorite modes and relish the challenges they offer, season after season.

In conclusion, while the cessation of new seasonal content for Exoprimal may mark the end of an era, the game itself is far from extinct. Its foundational premise and gameplay continue to offer a compelling reason to engage, ensuring that its unique brand of prehistoric warfare can be enjoyed for seasons to hon come.

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