Fallout 4 Next Gen – Update Notes

In the vast, irradiated expanse of the Commonwealth, history is not merely a series of events, but a palpable presence, shaping every nook and cranny of this post-apocalyptic world. The Enclave, with its old-world ideals and military might, once again threatens to rise, heralded by the whispers of the past and the ambition of its remnants. It’s a confrontation that awaits you, along with the opportunity to don the Enclave Colonel uniform and enrich your settlements with over a dozen new items. Beware, for these remnants aren’t merely for show — should you have other Enclave arsenal at your disposal, be prepared to face it in the hands of your enemies.

The battlefield of Fallout 4 becomes even more versatile with a slew of inventive weaponry transforming the mundane into instruments of chaos. Imagine launching a barrage of nails, baseballs, saw blades, or even piggy banks at your foes with an assortment of unique launchers. Such creativity in warfare opens up unprecedented ways to engage in combat and explore the environment.

As the autumn leaves fall and the season of ghouls approaches, the New England Technocrat Society invites you to a Halloween celebration unlike any other. This event promises to sprinkle a little terror and a lot of fun into your post-apocalyptic life, with 38 new Halloween-themed props to discover and use in your settlements. Among these, the De-Capitalist helmet stands out, merging fright with fashion in a way only Fallout 4 can.

Comprehensive Update Features:

  • Introduction of native applications for PS5 and Xbox Series, enhancing gameplay with performance and quality mode options — choose between smoother gameplay or enriched visuals.
  • The addition of widescreen and ultra-widescreen support along with Steam Deck verification, broadening your viewing options and playability on the go.
  • A release on the Epic Store, alongside nine complimentary Creation Club items including new arrivals and fan favorites such as various Enclave gear, Halloween Workshop items, and the Makeshift Weapon Pack.
  • An “Installed Content” menu for easier management of your downloadable content.

Important Bug Fixes:

In an effort to refine your experience, this update addresses various technical issues:

  • Enhancements to connectivity for Japanese and Chinese players, restoring full access to Mods.
  • Corrections ensuring the smooth progression of early-game quests and interactions, including opening the iconic Vault 111 door and advancing the “Go Home” quest.
  • Improvements to in-game textures, dialogues, and settlement systems, resolving softlocks and resource counting errors.
  • A series of stability improvements and fixes targeting PC-specific issues, especially for saves under non-Latin Windows Usernames.

For the Modding Community:

The Creation Kit has seen its share of updates as well, with an aim to streamline content creation and eliminate common frustrations:

  • The removal of non-functional buttons and crash-prone features, improving the overall stability and usability of the tool.
  • An update to handle longer editor IDs and a resolve for a freeze that could occur when assigning references, making your modding work smoother and more efficient.

This comprehensive update promises to enhance the Fallout 4 experience across all platforms, offering new content to explore, improved performance, and a more stable gameplay environment. Whether you’re visiting the Commonwealth for the first time or returning once again to its irradiated charm, these changes and enhancements aim to deepen your immersion and excitement in this endlessly compelling world.

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