Sheffield DocFest and International Documentary Association Forge New Partnership for “Alternate Realities” Program

In an exciting development for the world of non-fiction and immersive documentary storytelling, Sheffield DocFest, a premier festival celebrating documentary films in the U.K., is set to collaborate with the International Documentary Association (IDA) for the eagerly anticipated Alternate Realities Exhibition and Summit. This pioneering initiative is slated to take center stage at the 31st Sheffield DocFest, which will enchant audiences from June 12-17.

The Alternate Realities program, introduced in 2013, stands at the forefront of non-fiction storytelling, transcending the conventions of documentary filmmaking by embracing technological innovation. This platform is renowned for its incorporation of various digital media forms, including virtual reality, artificial intelligence, gaming platforms, augmented reality, and interactive web documentaries. Offering a new lens through which to view nonfiction, Alternate Realities aims to redefine the boundaries of documentary narrative through technological engagement.

As part of this unique collaboration, the Alternate Realities Summit will gather a diverse group of selected artists and industry leaders at Sheffield DocFest. The event, scheduled for June 16, promises to foster invaluable connections between media creators and a broad spectrum of industry stakeholders. These include curators from international festivals, representatives from galleries and media institutions, educators, production houses, tech innovators, broadcasters, and new media distribution networks. The summit offers a rare opportunity for creative minds to converge, share insights, and explore collaborative possibilities in the realm of immersive non-fiction storytelling.

In addition to the summit, Sheffield DocFest will host a free exhibition at the Site Gallery, inviting both industry professionals and the public to experience the groundbreaking works featured in the Alternate Realities program. This exhibition not only showcases the technological prowess and creative vision of the featured artists but also underscores the festival’s commitment to accessibility and community engagement.

The creative forces behind this year’s Alternate Realities Exhibition include Sheffield DocFest’s Creative Director, Raul Niño Zambrano, Keisha Knight, Director of Funds at IDA, and Abby Sun, Director of Artist Programs at IDA, with the support of Alternate Realities Program Producer Jack Rutherford. Together, they aim to curate an immersive experience that bridges the gap between technology, art, and documentary film.

Enthusiasm for this collaboration runs high among the organizers. “By partnering with the IDA, we’re aligning with an organization that not only shares our enthusiasm for groundbreaking work but also our vision for the future of immersive storytelling,” said Zambrano. “This collaboration will bring forth an extraordinary collection of works that we believe will resonate deeply with our audiences, during the festival and in the time to come.”

The announcement follows the successful conclusion of the IDA’s Getting Real conference in Los Angeles, a key gathering that brings together documentary filmmaking leaders from across the globe. Dominic Asmall Willsdon, IDA’s Executive Director, shared his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “As Getting Real wraps up its 2024 session, we’re thrilled to embark on this new journey with Sheffield DocFest’s Alternate Realities. Celebrating a decade of Getting Real alongside Alternate Realities, both events have become crucial for non-fiction creatives worldwide. We eagerly anticipate the showcase of international immersive nonfiction works at Sheffield come June.”

This landmark exhibition and summit are made possible through public funding, generously provided by the National Lottery via Arts Council England. This support underscores the importance of funding in promoting innovation and creativity within the arts and documentary fields, ensuring that such vital explorations of non-fiction storytelling continue to thrive and evolve.

As Sheffield DocFest and the International Documentary Association join forces to present Alternate Realities, attendees can look forward to an unparalleled exploration of immersive non-fiction, setting new precedents for the future of documentary filmmaking and interactive storytelling.

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