FortifyIQ Introduces FortiPKA-RISC-V: A Breakthrough in Public Key Cryptography Acceleration

In a significant advancement for cryptographic security technologies, FortifyIQ has unveiled its latest innovation, the FortiPKA-RISC-V. This groundbreaking public key accelerator is setting new standards in the realm of asymmetric cryptography, catering to the complex demands of contemporary security algorithms. Based in Newton, Massachusetts, FortifyIQ is renowned for its exceptional contributions to security semiconductor technologies, and with this latest release, it continues to solidify its position as an industry leader.

The FortiPKA-RISC-V is engineered to offer unmatched performance and efficiency. It serves as an antidote to the ever-evolving cyber threats, ensuring a formidable defense against sophisticated attacks including Side-Channel Analysis (SCA), Fault Injection Attacks (FIA), Differential Power Analysis (DPA), and Static Instruction Frequency Analysis (SIFA). What sets the FortiPKA-RISC-V apart is its unique architecture, which negates the necessity for pre or post-processing of data, thereby enhancing the integrity and speed of cryptographic operations.

The design and functionality of FortiPKA-RISC-V are finely tuned to adapt to various operational contexts and configurations. Its versatility is manifested through customizable performance and area metrics, which can be adjusted according to the specific requirements of any application, ranging from interface types to the selection of standard cell libraries.

FortifyIQ’s dedication to advancing the forefront of security technology doesn’t stop at FortiPKA-RISC-V. The firm boasts a comprehensive portfolio of products designed to cater to a broad spectrum of security needs. Among these innovations are Ultra Low Power IP cores, specifically crafted for applications where power efficiency is paramount without compromising security. These cores, ideal for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, automotive systems, and healthcare applications, stand out for their resilience to Side-Channel Analysis (SCA) and Fault Injection Attacks (FIA), all the while maintaining minimal power consumption.

The security solutions portfolio further extends to include AES and HMAC SHA-2 cores, renowned for their low gate count yet high resistance to cryptographic attacks. These cores demonstrate that it is possible to achieve equivalent performance and latency as unprotected cores while significantly bolstering security measures.

FortifyIQ’s FortiPKA-RISC-V represents a monumental leap in the fight against cyber threats. By merging robust security with efficiency and versatility, it stands as a beacon of progress in the ongoing quest to safeguard digital assets and communications against the most advanced threats. For those in search of the pinnacle of cryptographic acceleration and security, FortifyIQ’s latest offering promises to be a cornerstone solution, heralding a new era of secure digital innovation.

Embracing this new technology could redefine how industries protect their digital infrastructure, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in cryptographic security. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so too will the tools and technologies designed to protect it. With the introduction of FortiPKA-RISC-V, FortifyIQ is not just responding to the current state of cybersecurity threats; it is anticipating the future’s needs, ensuring that organizations can stay one step ahead of attackers in the digital arms race.

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