Forza Horizon 4 Will Be Saying Goodbye on Digital Stores This December

The vibrant roads and picturesque landscapes of Forza Horizon 4 are set to become a bit more elusive for digital collectors come December. Playground Games, the studio behind the critically acclaimed racing title, has made the difficult decision to remove Forza Horizon 4 from digital shelves due to the impending expiration of car and music licenses. This move, while not uncommon in the racing game genre, marks the end of an era for the beloved game.

Forza Horizon 4 will officially be delisted from both the Xbox Store and Steam on December 15, 2024. This announcement comes after the delisting of the game’s downloadable content, signaling the start of a wind-down period for the game’s availability. However, fans and newcomers alike still have a window to purchase the Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate editions of the game, with sales planned on both platforms to give everyone a chance to own a piece of Forza Horizon 4 before it’s too late. Steam has already initiated a clearance sale, and Xbox enthusiasts can look forward to similar discounts starting July 14, 2024.

For Game Pass subscribers who have maintained their subscription without any discounts, there’s a silver lining. Microsoft is offering game tokens that will allow subscribers to keep Forza Horizon 4 in their Game Pass library indefinitely. While this process may take some time to complete for every subscriber, it ensures that the game remains playable for its most loyal fans.

Physical copies of Forza Horizon 4 are not affected by the digital delisting. Owners of these versions can continue to enjoy the game fully, with all previously purchased content remaining accessible. Additionally, despite the game’s delisting, players will notice changes affecting the game’s Festival Playlists. The looming license expiration will conclude these seasonal events with Series 77, running from July 25 to August 22, marking the final Festival Playlist.

Post-August 22, while accessing the playlist screen will no longer be possible, the game will still usher players to the Festival Site screen. From there, players can reminisce over past Festival Playlists. Daily and weekly challenges remain on the Forza Events screen, rewarding players with Forzathon Points. These points can be exchanged for Backstage Passes, with Festival Playlist-exclusive cars making their way to the Backstage Pass Cars list.

For achievement hunters, the final Festival Playlist serves as the last opportunity to snag playlist-specific achievements. This element adds an extra layer of urgency for those looking to complete their achievement collection before the gameplay experience shifts.

In an era where digital game preservation has become a hot topic, Microsoft’s handling of Forza Horizon 4’s delisting is commendable. The company’s effort to maintain accessibility to the game post-delisting contrasts sharply with previous industry practices that saw games vanish without a trace. While the removal of Forza Horizon 4 from digital storefronts may be seen as an end, Microsoft’s preservation efforts ensure that the game’s legacy will continue to live on for its dedicated player base.

As we bid farewell to Forza Horizon 4’s digital presence, it’s a reminder of the ever-evolving nature of gaming media and the complexities surrounding licensing agreements. Yet, through proactive measures and a commitment to the community, game developers and publishers can navigate these challenges, ensuring that beloved titles remain part of our collective memory and digital libraries.

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