From the Streets to the Spotlight: Youth Shedz Founder Wins Big at Creative Digital Awards

In an empowering tale of resilience and transformation, Scott Jenkinson, a teacher with a past marked by addiction and homelessness, has been awarded the prestigious Virtual Revolutionary title at the recent Gwobrau Creadigol ceremony. This event is renowned for celebrating the pinnacle of creative and digital excellence across North Wales, and Jenkinson’s journey from adversity to innovation has inspired many.

Jenkinson, the brain behind the impactful initiative Youth Shedz, captivated the judges with his riveting story of redemption. From battling personal demons to establishing a groundbreaking project aimed at uplifting young individuals, his path is nothing short of remarkable. Youth Shedz seeks to provide transformative training and experiences for youth facing challenges similar to those Jenkinson once overcame.

“I’m gobsmacked for once. This is amazing for me because, more than just recognition for my hard work, it’s also vital recognition for the work that we’re doing. Opportunities like these raise the profile of our mission, and that’s all I can ask for. Using new technology to tackle old social issues, we’re shouting about VR,” Jenkinson expressed, overwhelmed with emotion upon receiving the award.

Reflecting on his 15-year journey working towards this cause, Jenkinson shared his joy and gratitude for the recognition. He also took the moment to celebrate the achievements of fellow nominees and winners, underscoring the value of the Creative North Wales platform in bringing visibility to significant work and fostering opportunities within the region.

Emily Roberts, the Outreach and Community Manager at M-SParc, shed light on the promising horizon that the Creative Wales Skills Fund and M-SParc/Creative North collaboration is aiming to reach. These initiatives focus on engaging creative digital participants and showcasing success stories like Jenkinson’s to draw in future interest. Roberts emphasized the strategic importance of highlighting such achievements to bridge the skills gap and prepare local youth for prosperous futures in creative and digital fields.

The chairman of the Creative North Wales board, Iestyn Garlick, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the importance of supporting local talent and innovation. By shining a spotlight on success stories from their community, Creative North Wales aims to demonstrate that individuals do not need to leave the region to find exciting opportunities or meaningful work.

The story of Scott Jenkinson and Youth Shedz is a powerful testament to the potential of digital technologies to create social change. Through dedication, innovation, and the support of initiatives like the Gwobrau Creadigol awards, individuals and projects that are making a difference in the community are getting the recognition and support they need to continue their important work. Jenkinson’s journey from overcoming personal challenges to being honored at a prestigious creative digital event serves as an inspiring example of how determination, coupled with the power of technology, can transform lives and communities for the better.

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