Honor Rolls Out Magic OS 8.0 to Honor 90 and Magic V2 This Month

In a significant development announced earlier today at the VivaTech event, Honor has set the tech world abuzz with the revelation that the Honor 90 and Honor Magic V2 smartphones are slated to receive the Magic OS 8.0 update within the month. This announcement came from none other than Honor’s CEO, George Zhao, alongside the news of the upcoming Honor 200 launch and the unveiling of a new 4-layer AI architecture.

With the month drawing to a close, users of these devices can expect the much-anticipated software updates to begin rolling out imminently. Honor’s Magic5 Pro flagships have already been beneficiaries of this update since earlier this year, marking a phased but steady enhancement across Honor’s premium device lineup.

Delving into the features of Magic OS 8.0, it’s clear that Honor aims to harness the full potential of AI within its ecosystem. This ambitious update is grounded in Android 14 and introduces a suite of AI functionalities powered by MagicLM, Honor’s proprietary large language model tailored for generative AI applications. Through MagicLM, Honor is poised to redefine user interactions with their devices, making them more intuitive and responsive.

One of the standout features of Magic OS 8.0 is the Magic Portal. This innovative tool promises to revolutionize how users access apps and services by providing context-based shortcut recommendations with a simple side swipe. The intent is to create a smoother, more integrated user experience that anticipates needs and simplifies navigation.

Real-World AI Enhancements

Our hands-on experience with the internationally available Honor Magic6 Pro, which comes pre-equipped with Magic OS 8.0, sheds light on the practical implications of these updates. The integration of AI into daily use scenarios was evident and genuinely seamless. For example, while browsing a shopping site like eBay, the ability to search online for items pictured without leaving the app was particularly impressive. Similarly, tapping a message containing a location instantly brings up the address in Google Maps, eliminating the need for cumbersome copy-and-paste actions.

This suite of features, especially when seen through the lens of everyday use, underscores Honor’s commitment to leveraging AI for enhancing user connectivity and interaction.

Looking Forward

As Honor continues to roll out Magic OS 8.0 to the Honor 90 and Magic V2, users can look forward to not just an upgrade in their device’s operating system but a transformation in how they interact with their smartphones. With AI at the heart of this update, the possibilities for more intuitive, efficient, and personalized user experiences seem endless. Honor’s vision for a more connected and intelligent ecosystem is gradually coming into fruition, and it is an exciting time for Honor users and tech enthusiasts alike.

The implementation of Magic OS 8.0 this month marks a new chapter in Honor’s journey towards creating a smarter, more connected world. It’s a testament to the brand’s relentless pursuit of innovation, and a clear signal that Honor is keeping its promise of delivering cutting-edge technology to its users.

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