Introducing Hypermill Version 2024: A Leap Forward in CAD/CAM Technology

Open Mind Technologies, a leading developer in the CAD/CAM sector, has recently announced the release of Hypermill 2024. This latest iteration of their renowned CAD/CAM suite introduces an array of advancements designed to streamline the digital process chain significantly — from initial CAD data, through CAM programming, to the output of optimized NC code.

The new version brings forth an exciting set of features and improvements, notably in turning functionalities and algorithm enhancements. These modifications are not just about adding new capabilities but are focused on making the entire manufacturing process more efficient and user-friendly.

Hypermill Turning Solutions: Advanced Turret Support and Virtual Machining

Hypermill’s Turning Solutions have been substantially augmented in the 2024 release. A standout addition is the turret support for lathes, showcasing Open Mind’s commitment to enhancing the integration of digital twins for machining centers. This feature accurately simulates lathes equipped with a single main spindle and turret, controlled by Siemens system, in the Hypermill Virtual Machining environment. This allows for an exact replication of machine tools in the software, facilitating NC code simulation that mirrors real-world conditions closely.

Another pioneering use of virtual machining technology is the capability to review measuring points directly within the software. This aids users in swiftly identifying any points out of tolerance, thereby simplifying the process of evaluating inaccuracies and tool wear. Consequently, adjustments can be made more efficiently in the CAD/CAM system. The Hypermill SHOP Viewer extends this function directly to the machine tool, enhancing usability.

Enhancements in ‘CAD for CAM’ and Beyond

The 2024 version also introduces significant advancements in ‘CAD for CAM,’ with support for importing PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) and MBD (Model-Based Definition) data across various formats. Improved surface modelling functionalities now enable the generation of surfaces from numerous grid curves with greater ease.

In a notable innovation, Hypermill has introduced an advanced strategy for electrode creation, supporting three-dimensional eroding with enhanced accuracy. Among the software’s machining precision advancements is the 5-axis path correction, initially available for Heidenhain control systems. This feature precisely adjusts cutting paths in real-time, compensating for tool wear or deflection and ensuring unparalleled machining accuracy.

Optimizations also extend to rest material detection algorithms and cutting edge machining strategies, facilitating more efficient, uniform, and tool-friendly machining processes. The integration of tool breakage monitoring within the CAD/CAM suite further underscores the comprehensive nature of this release, aiming to minimize downtime during long machining cycles.

Seamless Integration and Future-Oriented Innovations

Hypermill 2024 simplifies the synchronization of tools from the Hypermill tool database with the Hummingbird MES system, automating the transfer of tool data for CAM programming and facilitating a streamlined tool management workflow. This marks another step towards achieving seamless integration across different stages of the manufacturing process.

Reflecting on the consolidation of CAD and CAM functionalities, Jasmin Huber, Director of Marketing & Communication at Open Mind Technologies, highlighted the strategic move to unify these functions under the Hypermill CAD/CAM brand from Version 2024 onwards. “With Hypermill CAD/CAM, we bring together what belongs together,” says Huber, emphasizing the integration of CAD and CAM solutions to achieve time efficiency and high performance in workpiece processing.

In summation, Hypermill Version 2024 represents a significant leap forward in CAD/CAM technology, offering an array of new features and improvements that solidify Open Mind’s place as a pioneer in the industry. Through continued innovation and a keen focus on integration, Open Mind Technologies demonstrates its unwavering commitment to improving efficiency and productivity for users around the globe.

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