IBM and The Government of Spain Forge Partnership to Elevate National AI Strategy and Construct World-Class Spanish Language AI Models

In a landmark move, IBM has joined forces with the Government of Spain to usher in a new era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) development, promising to revolutionize the AI landscape with a strong focus on the Spanish language. This collaboration aims to propel Spain to the forefront of ethical AI research and application, fostering an environment of innovation and technological advancement.

A Strategic Alliance for Innovation

In a meeting held at the esteemed Moncloa Complex, notable figures such as Pedro Sánchez, President of the Government of Spain, and Darío Gil, Senior Vice President of IBM and Director of IBM Research, alongside other influential leaders, converged to discuss the promising future of AI in Spain. The gathering underscored the commitment of both parties to pioneer developments in AI that are rooted in Spanish and co-official languages, marking a significant step towards inclusive and accessible technology.

The partnership was formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), signed with the vision of advancing AI supercomputing and the creation of foundational AI models. These models aim to be proficient in not only Spanish but also the co-official languages of Catalonia, Basque Country, Galicia, and Valencia, indicating a move towards technological inclusivity.

Building a Future Powered by Responsible AI

This collaboration is not merely about technological innovation but also about steering the ethical and responsible use of AI in the public and private sectors. The initiative reflects Spain’s dedication to harnessing AI’s potential to boost productivity across various economic sectors and enhance Europe’s strategic autonomy. By incorporating IBM’s open-source AI framework, the project promises to deliver a Spanish LLM that champions innovation, transparency, and cost-efficiency.

Moreover, the alliance aims to employ AI-enhanced techniques in discovering and validating new materials, contributing to the sustainability of the semiconductors value chain—a critical component of modern technology.

Fostering a Community of AI Innovation

The significance of the Spanish language globally cannot be overstated, with it being the second most spoken language worldwide. This collaboration seeks to leverage this linguistic heritage to develop AI models that are not only technologically advanced but culturally and linguistically inclusive. Such inclusivity promises to mitigate biases and provide competitive advantages to the Spanish industry.

Emphasizing the transformative potential of generative AI and AI supercomputing, the agreement between IBM and the Spanish Government symbolizes a proactive approach to investing in the future of AI. It embodies a comprehensive strategy that encompasses building human capital, fostering community-driven AI adoption, and ensuring broad economic benefits across Spain.

A Visionary Blueprint for the Future

The partnership is guided by five foundational principles aimed at promoting responsible AI use, developing a comprehensive generative AI platform, and fostering a robust ecosystem of AI creators. Additionally, it advocates for the advancement of AI in supercomputing applications, showcasing a holistic approach to AI development.

About IBM

As a global leader in hybrid cloud and AI solutions, IBM’s pioneering technologies, including quantum computing and AI, provide flexible and secure digital transformation opportunities for businesses and governments worldwide. IBM’s enduring commitment to innovation, trust, and service positions it as a trusted partner in the technological evolution facing industries today.

For further information on this groundbreaking partnership and IBM’s other innovations, visit IBM’s official website or contact the media representatives listed.

With this strategic alliance, Spain and IBM are setting a bold precedent for the future of AI, emphasizing ethical practices, transparency, and inclusivity. As this partnership unfolds, the world watches expectantly to see how it will shape the development of AI not just in Spain, but globally.

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