Imaginando Marks a Decade of Innovation with a Spectacular Ten-Day Anniversary Sale

Celebrating a significant milestone, Imaginando, the forward-thinking Portuguese music technology firm, rolls out a remarkable ten-day event commemorating its 10-year journey in the industry. Esteemed for its cutting-edge audio and video plugins along with highly acclaimed mobile applications, the company announces an extraordinary sale, offering discounts as steep as 90% on its diverse range of products. This celebratory sale, set to mesmerize music producers and enthusiasts alike, will last until June 13, featuring daily dynamic discounts ranging from 60-90% on various flagship products.

Among the highlights of the event, Imaginando’s latest brainchild, BAM, stands out as a quintessential music production studio. Encompassing the entirety of the firm’s decade-long expertise, BAM is crafted as a comprehensive music making suite. It boasts 16 tracks, a robust mixer, and extensive plugin support, alongside an array of in-built synths, effects, and editing tools which include a step sequencer and a piano roll. The app also houses a vast sample library and an intuitive matrix for clip launching, positioning itself as an indispensable tool for music producers.

An equally noteworthy offering from Imaginando is the VS – Visual Synthesizer, an innovative plugin designed to generate captivating visuals in sync with the music. This plugin stands out by allowing users to modulate visual parameters directly from audio and MIDI sources, enhancing live performances and productions with visually dynamic elements.

For synth enthusiasts, DRC presents a sound synthesis paradise with a vintage flavor. This minimally designed yet powerful synthesizer plugin amplifies creativity on-the-go, thanks to its cross-platform compatibility, allowing seamless transition from mobile devices to desktop setups. Offering such versatility at an affordable price point, especially with the sale’s discounts, DRC is poised to be a highlight of this anniversary event.

Another gem in Imaginando’s arsenal, FRMS, dives into the realm of Granular synthesis combined with FM synthesis. It’s a powerhouse for creating distinct soundscapes, from ethereal drones to intricate textures, epitomizing flexibility and creativity.

The LK – Ableton Live & MIDI Controller app caters to the needs of live performers and producers alike, functioning flawlessly both as a dedicated Ableton Live controller and a standalone MIDI controller. With its modular design encompassing MATRIX, MIDI PADS, MIDI CONTROLLER, XY PAD, and KEYBOARD modules, LK adapts seamlessly to users’ unique needs.

Imaginando’s vast array of innovative offerings doesn’t end here. The company prides itself on crafting tools that resonate with music creators of all calibers – from emerging bedroom producers to seasoned studio professionals and keen hobbyists. The hallmark of Imaginando’s technology is its harmonious combination of user-friendly design, cross-platform compatibility, and simplified workflows. This anniversary sale provides a golden opportunity to acquire premium music technology tools at a fraction of their regular prices.

Since its inception in Braga in 2014, under the visionary leadership of Nuno Santos, Imaginando has been at the forefront of marrying music with technology. This milestone event not only celebrates a decade of technological advancements but also offers an exciting preview of the future directions in which Imaginando aims to steer the music production landscape. With its standout approach to inspiring music creators by integrating technological innovation with musical artistry, Imaginando’s 10th-anniversary sale event is poised to set new benchmarks this June.

For music producers, DJs, and technology enthusiasts keen on elevating their creative processes, this ten-day sale event from Imaginando is a not-to-be-missed celebration of innovation, dedication, and the art of music production.

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