Fusing AI with National Defence: DND Finalizes AI Strategy

Canada is at the brink of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into its national defence strategy. The Department of National Defence (DND) is finalizing its inaugural AI strategy, aiming for early 2024 adoption. Defence Minister Bill Blair highlighted the strategy’s focus on AI’s role in Canadian military development, secure interoperability with allies, and responsible AI expansion in military realms.

The Push Towards AI in Defence

The move aligns with the Canadian Armed Forces’ (CAF) long-term vision of incorporating data and technology into national defence, as outlined in the defence policy Strong, Secure, Engaged. The CAF’s 2022 Digital Campaign Plan further showcases a commitment to digital transformation by 2030, setting the stage for AI’s integration into defence strategies, albeit without direct mention.

Recent global events, including the Russia-Ukraine conflict and rising cyber threats, have prompted the DND and CAF to seek updates to current policies, incorporating recent changes in the defence landscape.

International Approaches to Defence AI

Globally, nations like the United States and the United Kingdom have already been incorporating AI into their defence strategies. The US’s updated AI strategy emphasizes an agile approach to AI development, aiming to enhance military decision-making. The UK’s Defence Artificial Intelligence Strategy focuses on strategic opportunities and challenges posed by AI, aiming for a responsible and efficient approach. NATO’s AI strategy, based on principles of responsible use, aims for collaborative AI deployment among member states.

Canada’s Anticipated AI Strategy

Canada’s forthcoming AI strategy may mirror these approaches, potentially adopting a cloud platform for military digitalization. This could enhance interoperability with allies and improve data accessibility for AI development. Strengthening intelligence capabilities to counter adversarial cyber threats and ensuring robust security against attacks are likely to be key components of the strategy.

The strategy’s impact on Canadian businesses is anticipated to be significant, propelling military and civilian technological innovation. With military advancements often trickling down to civilian applications, businesses may find new opportunities for growth and innovation.


The DND’s AI strategy stands to revolutionize Canada’s defence capabilities, usher Canada into a new era of digital and technological military readiness, and open new avenues for business growth and innovation.

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