KAUST Partners with Google to Boost AI Research Efforts in Saudi Arabia

In a significant move to bolster Artificial Intelligence (AI) research within the Kingdom, the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) has embarked on an ambitious initiative, in collaboration with tech giant Google. This groundbreaking project aims to support and inspire groundbreaking AI research by offering research grants totaling $100,000. These grants are specifically tailored for the bright minds at KAUST’s Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Science and Engineering Department, focusing on cutting-edge research in machine learning, with a particular interest in the development and application of generative and large language models (LLMs).

The unveiling of this initiative aligns with the establishment of KAUST’s latest venture, the Center of Excellence in Generative AI. This center is designed to be a beacon of innovation and research in generative AI, pushing the boundaries of what is currently known and expanding the capabilities of general-purpose generative AI models. This move not only cements KAUST’s position as a pioneering entity in the science and technology landscape but also marks a significant leap towards advancing AI research and development within the Kingdom.

It’s worth mentioning the remarkable achievement of KAUST in the global academia and research domain. The university has secured the 17th position globally in the Computer Science Rankings (CSRankings) covering the period between 2014 and 2024. This ranking is a testament to the university’s dedication and contributions to the fields of AI, machine learning, and optical computing, based on the output of computer departments in some of the world’s most prestigious scientific publications.

This partnership between KAUST and Google exemplifies a shared vision for harnessing the potential of AI to drive innovation, solve complex challenges, and create a future where technology and human ingenuity intersect in meaningful ways. As this collaboration unfolds, it promises not only to advance the state of AI research in Saudi Arabia but also to position the Kingdom as a leading hub for technological innovation on the global stage.

With such developments, KAUST is not only providing its researchers with the resources they need to explore uncharted territories in AI but is also playing a pivotal role in promoting a culture of innovation and research excellence in Saudi Arabia. This project, along with the establishment of the Center of Excellence in Generative I, is expected to usher in a new era of scientific discovery and technological advancement in the Kingdom, with AI research leading the way.

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