Lords of the Fallen Sequel Set to Stir the Gaming World in 2026, Exclusively on Epic Games for PC

In a thrilling update for the gaming community, the official announcement from CI Games has sparked excitement with the confirmation that a sequel to the dark fantasy action RPG, Lords of the Fallen, is currently in development, eyeing a grand release in 2026. The highly anticipated sequel will grace the gaming platforms of PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5, promising a new era of dark fantasy adventures.

In an intriguing partnership revelation, it has been unveiled that Epic Games will host the PC version exclusively on its Epic Games Store, securing the rights for the title’s distribution for its entire product lifecycle. This move signifies a pivotal moment in the game’s distribution strategy, ensuring a unique position within the PC gaming marketplace.

While CI Games has teased the gaming audience by trademarking “Death of the Fallen” previously, the connection between this intriguing title and the Lords of the Fallen sequel remains a mystery, leaving fans eagerly awaiting further announcements. With the promise of more insights into the game’s lore, story, and the world it seeks to portray, anticipation builds for what could be a landmark title in the action RPG genre.

The success story of the original Lords of the Fallen cannot be understated, with the game achieving remarkable commercial success by selling over one million copies in just ten days following its release. Available across various platforms including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, the game not only found a broad audience but also became a noteworthy addition to the Xbox Game Pass since May.

Despite a challenging start with technical issues affecting the PC launch, such as crashes and lags that led to mixed reviews on Steam, the development team has been committed to improving the experience. The first post-launch patch aimed to address these initial hurdles, showcasing a dedication to refining the game for its players.

A glimpse into the original Lords of the Fallen reveals an expansive adventure set more than a thousand years after the first game’s events. With a world significantly larger and packed with depth, players are invited to embark on a journey filled with intricate NPC quests, compelling character arcs, and a richly woven narrative. The sequel promises an immersive single-player campaign along with the introduction of an uninterrupted online co-op feature, allowing a second player to join the fray for the first time in the franchise’s history. This addition is set to redefine the gameplay experience, bringing players together in the dark, interconnected realms the series is celebrated for.

As the gaming community awaits further details on Lords of the Fallen 2, the partnership with Epic Games on PC distribution and the teased developments on the game’s story and world-building aspects point towards a sequel that could surpass its predecessor in both scope and depth. The future looks promising for this dark fantasy saga as it prepares to captivate gamers once again in 2026.

What are your expectations for the Lords of the Fallen sequel? Share your thoughts and speculations with us in the comments section below!

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