Warning Of False Claims

The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) has issued a stern warning regarding misleading claims circulating about the deadline for appeals to the 2023 rating lists. It has come to their attention that some individuals are falsely stating that the window for lodging appeals closes on June 30. This information is incorrect, and stakeholders are advised to exercise caution when confronted with such claims.

Contrary to these falsehoods, the truth is far less restrictive. Property valuations on the 2023 list can be contested anytime up until March 2026. This provides a broad timeframe for property owners to review and challenge their property’s assessed value if they believe it to be inaccurate.

The VOA has also raised concerns about the practices of certain agents in the industry. Property owners should remain vigilant and be skeptical of any agent who:

  • Attempts to push you into making a hurried decision or signing a contract
  • Makes ambiguous promises about ‘unclaimed credits’ or similar enticements
  • Claims to represent the VOA without verifiable authorization
  • Requests large payments upfront

It’s important to remember that hiring an agent is not a prerequisite for managing your business rates. However, should you decide to enlist the services of an agent, the VOA encourages utilizing their checklist to ensure you select a reputable professional. It’s advised to take control of the selection process rather than passively being targeted by agents.

In light of the risks associated with fraudulent activities, the VOA has published new guidance aimed at keeping individuals safe from scammers. This guide includes the VOA agent standards, articulating clear expectations regarding agent conduct, professional practice, and the level of service they should offer their clients.

While it’s reassuring to note that the majority of agents operate ethically and strive to deliver quality services, there remains a small faction that engages in deceptive practices. The VOA is committed to gathering evidence of such conduct as part of their ongoing efforts to safeguard the integrity of the industry. This proactive approach towards monitoring allows the VOA to address any emerging issues or concerns effectively.

If you have encountered any misleading or unethical practices by agents, particularly those related to misrepresentation, the VOA urges you to submit any evidence you have. This collective vigilance plays a critical role in maintaining fair and honest operations within the property valuation and business rates management sector.

Note: This article is based on material provided by the originating organization and may have been edited for clarity, style, and length. The views, positions, and conclusions expressed in this piece are solely those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the official stances of Mirage.News or any other institution.

For more details and to access the full guidance on staying safe from scammers, be sure to visit the official VOA website.

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