NGA Seeks Industry Insights with Portico RFI Announcement

In an exciting development for businesses in the tech sector, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) announced a request for information (RFI) on February 16 for its Portico initiative. This RFI signals an opportunity for companies with expertise in software support and development to contribute to a key Intelligence Community mission. With the deadline for response submissions set for March 5, 5:00 p.m. Eastern, firms capable of meeting NGA’s requirements are urged to take prompt action.

Exploring the NGA’s Requirements

The NGA is on the lookout for partners who can offer a wide range of technical services. These include the maintenance, development, implementation, support, and modernization of software essential to NGA’s operations. This initiative, known as The Globe, serves as a pivotal entry point for geospatial intelligence, catering to the specific needs of its consumers.

What makes this RFI particularly significant is its clear emphasis on not just maintaining existing capabilities but also on fostering innovation and agility in delivering top-tier software, applications, and systems. This is a clarion call for entities that are not only adept at software engineering but are also pioneers in the sector, ready to push the boundaries of what is currently possible within the enterprise environment of the NGA.

Security Clearance: A Prerequisite

One of the crucial criteria for interested service providers is the requirement for all contractor personnel to be eligible for a Department of Defense (DoD) Top Secret (TS) security clearance. Furthermore, personnel must be able to access Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) by the time of proposal submission. It is imperative for firms to ensure that their staff can meet these security requirements and maintain them throughout the project lifecycle, should they be awarded a contract following this RFI.

Market Research Initiative

This RFI is part of the NGA’s broader market research efforts to gauge the capabilities and readiness of the industry to support The Globe. The project is not only a cornerstone of secure software support for the geospatial intelligence community but also a testament to the NGA’s commitment to enhance its operational capabilities through comprehensive industry engagement.

The agency is specifically interested in solutions that promise innovation and the agile delivery of quality software solutions. This approach not only underscores the importance the NGA places on the technological prowess of its potential partners but also highlights the evolving demands of the intelligence community in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Call to Action for Industry Players

With the cutoff date fast approaching, businesses with the requisite expertise and clearance are encouraged to respond to the NGA’s request. This is a unique opportunity for industry players to make significant contributions to national security and intelligence capabilities, showcasing their technological innovations and securing a foothold in the competitive government contracting arena.

For those considering participation, careful attention should be paid to the detailed requirements outlined in the RFI, ensuring a comprehensive and compelling proposal is presented. The upcoming weeks are a crucial period for firms to demonstrate their capabilities and readiness to meet the stringent demands of NGA’s The Globe project.


The Portico RFI marks a significant step by the NGA to engage with the industry in upgrading and sustaining a mission-critical capability. As the March 5 deadline looms, technology firms with an eye on government contracts and a knack for innovation have a golden chance to step forward. The industry’s response to this RFI could very well shape the future of geospatial intelligence services, making it a pivotal moment for both the NGA and potential industry contributors.

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