Breaking News: OKX’s Manta Trading Campaign Unveils a Staggering USD20,000 Prize Pool in Manta Tokens

In an exciting development from Singapore, OKX, a pioneer in the Web3 technology space, has unveiled its latest initiative scheduled for February 24, 2024. The company has launched the notable ‘Manta Trading Campaign,’ where participants stand a chance to win a share of a whopping USD20,000 Manta token prize pool.

The campaign is robust, offering an array of activities users can participate in to win. By engaging in activities ranging from following OKX Web3 on various social media platforms to swapping and bridging tokens, participants can secure their share of the Manta token prize pool. For those looking to dive deeper, actions such as trading tokens worth more than USD10 on the Manta Pacific chain, and bridging tokens with a value over USD10 to the Manta Pacific chain via the OKX DEX, are mandatory. Additionally, there’s an emphasis on social media engagement, with participants required to follow OKX Web3 on several platforms.

The integration of the Manta network, a cutting-edge Layer 2 privacy protocol, into OKX’s DEX offerings was officially announced on January 27, 2024. This strategic move allows users of OKX DEX to effortlessly perform on-chain swaps and cross-chain transactions, leveraging the Manta network’s capabilities.

OKX has firmly established itself as a global technology heavyweight, committed to driving the future of the Web3 ecosystem. Its extensive range of offerings caters to both novices and experienced users in the cryptocurrency domain. Some of these innovative products include:

  • OKX Wallet: A versatile crypto wallet that supports over 80 blockchains, empowering users to manage their funds securely. Its innovative MPC technology simplifies wallet recovery processes, abolishing traditional seed phrases. The Smart Account feature further enhances convenience, permitting transactions across different blockchains with USDC or USDT and enabling interactions with multiple contracts in a single transaction.
  • DEX: An aggregator for multi-chain, cross-chain decentralized exchanges, linking 300+ DEXs and about 15 bridges. It supports a vast range, with 200,000+ coins and more than 20 blockchains.
  • NFT Marketplace: A multi-chain, commission-free NFT marketplace. It provides access to NFT listings from seven leading marketplaces, facilitating a wider reach.
  • Web3 DeFi: A potent DeFi platform that supports earning and staking across approximately 70 protocols over more than 10 chains, offering a comprehensive DeFi experience.

Besides its product offerings, OKX has established partnerships with world-renowned brands and individuals. These alliances span across various fields, including English Premier League champions Manchester City F.C., McLaren Formula 1, The Tribeca Festival, Olympian Scotty James, and F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo, showcasing its influential presence in the global market.

The spirit of innovation continues to thrive at OKX as the company launched a global brand campaign, championing the need for a Web3-driven technological paradigm shift. This campaign underscores OKX’s commitment to challenging the conventional, ushering in an era of self-managed technology that promises greater autonomy and security for users around the globe.

For enthusiasts eager to learn more about the transformative power of OKX and its contribution to the Web3 ecosystem, more information is available on the company’s website, with the option to download their app for a more integrated experience.

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