OMNIQ Secures Additional Order for AI-Based Homeland Security Project

In a significant development for both national security and technological advancement, OMNIQ Corp. (NASDAQ: OMQS) has announced a notable follow-on order from a leading defense authority to enhance a critical homeland security project outside the United States. Specializing in Supply Chain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, OMNIQ is set to expand its groundbreaking AI-based machine vision safety system, designed to bolster counter-terrorism efforts in sensitive areas.

This sophisticated project plans to integrate hundreds of AI-driven sensors and software, supported by advanced computing power, to provide essential real-time performance data. OMNIQ’s cutting-edge system, which can be deployed both on-premises and via the cloud, serves as a modern pillar for Homeland Security applications, including Safe City and Safe Campus initiatives. By utilizing a unique, patented AI-based machine vision technology alongside powerful software, OMNIQ aims to streamline the monitoring and controlling of access points, gather actionable intelligence, and preempt crimes and terroristic activities.

The core of OMNIQ’s technology lies in its proprietary algorithm, which leverages a neural network model enhanced by machine learning. With an impressive record of deploying over 20,000 cameras, capturing data from millions of vehicles, OMNIQ asserts its capability in delivering superior, life-saving performance, thereby safeguarding large populations with unmatched efficiency.

Shai Lustgarten, CEO of OMNIQ, expressed immense pride and responsibility in receiving this follow-on order, viewing it as a testament to the company’s reputable and sophisticated solutions. “Our reselection, based on our performance and the unique – proven features, is likely the strongest and most important vote of confidence in the performance of our reliable, highly sophisticated solution,” Lustgarten stated. He further emphasized the pivotal role of OMNIQ’s AI solutions in some of the world’s most sensitive regions, where they have become critical tools in preventing crime and terrorism. “We provide critical notifications and intelligence to homeland security organizations based on the most sophisticated AI and machine learning technology,” he remarked.

The continued trust and collaboration between OMNIQ and top defense authorities underscore the company’s pivotal role in enhancing homeland security measures through advanced technological solutions. With its innovative AI-based machine vision safety system, OMNIQ is at the forefront of utilizing artificial intelligence to protect nations and their citizens from the ever-present threat of terrorism and other acts of hostility. This follow-on order not only solidifies OMNIQ’s standing in the realm of high-security technology but also showcases the potential of AI and machine learning in creating safer, more secure environments worldwide.

As global threats evolve, so too does the necessity for innovative and effective security solutions. OMNIQ’s ongoing contributions to homeland security projects highlight the pivotal intersection between technology and safety, offering promising outlooks for the use of advanced AI in protective services and beyond.

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