WEG and Nova SMAR Collaborate to Pioneer Open Technologies in Industrial Automation

In an ambitious move to redefine the landscape of industrial automation, WEG, the titan in electro-electronic equipment, and Nova SMAR, the beacon of innovation in automation systems, have joined forces. Through a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), these two industry powerhouses are setting the stage to fast-track the development and widespread adoption of open technologies within the realm of industrial process automation.

The synergy between WEG and Nova SMAR S.A. is poised to revolutionize the fabrication and functionality of components designed for compliance with the Open Process Automation Standard (O-PAS). Spearheaded by the Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF), O-PAS is at the forefront of advocating for a revolution in how industrial process control systems are built and operate. By establishing criteria for interoperability, flexibility, portability, and interchangeability of hardware, this initiative aims to dramatically curb costs while fostering innovation.

Capitalizing on WEG’s celebrated prowess in electronic hardware development, coupled with the versatility and innovation offered by the WEGnology open platform for cloud and edge computing, the partnership is set to make significant strides. WEGnology, renowned for its low-code development and open technology approach, will serve as a cornerstone in this collaboration alongside Nova SMAR’s advanced SYSTEM302 hybrid automation system architecture.

“We are very motivated to introduce the concepts of O-PAS interoperability to the integrated process industry in Brazil through our WEGnology platform. We have a complete line of hardware and software for this segment and, with this technology still in its early stages, we can help guide the industry towards even greater efficiency by exploring the freedom of open systems,” Carlos Grillo, Managing Director of WEG Digital and Systems, conveyed his enthusiasm for the project.

Nova SMAR, on the other hand, brings to the table its deep-rooted expertise and leadership in pioneering new open technologies within the industrial automation domain.

“Nova SMAR reaffirms its leadership introducing new open technologies in the industrial automation sector through its contributions to the definition, validation, and dissemination of Open Process Automation Forum specifications. We are excited to join forces with WEG to offer genuinely Brazilian technology to promote the digital transformation of the global industrial sector,” said Libanio Carlos de Souza, President of Nova Smar S.A., highlighting the collaborative spirit and shared ambition driving this initiative.

Nova SMAR transcends its Brazilian origins to gain worldwide recognition for its innovative contributions to industrial automation. The company’s comprehensive service offerings encompass a wide array of solutions designed to augment efficiency and productivity across diverse industrial settings. From the development, manufacturing, and marketing of instruments, controllers, hardware, and software, to specialized services like Design, Factory Acceptance Testing, Field Acceptance Testing, Field Integration Testing, Commissioning, Start-up, Network Certification, and Technical Assistance, Nova SMAR is committed to delivering excellence and fostering sustainable industrial growth.

This monumental partnership between WEG and Nova SMAR is not just a milestone in their respective journeys but a beacon of hope for industries worldwide aiming at embracing the digital transformation with open, interoperable, and innovative technologies. As these two giants combine their strengths, the future of industrial automation looks brighter, and more open, than ever before.

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