VERSES Pioneers the Path for Spatial Web Protocol and Governance Standardization

In an industry advancing towards a smarter, more connected world, the movement of Spatial Web Protocol, Architecture, and Governance towards its final approval stage represents a significant leap forward. VERSES AI Inc., a Vancouver-based cognitive computing innovator, is at the forefront of this technological evolution, orchestrating efforts to standardize artificial intelligence and digital interaction across vast networks.

On a historic vote, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has transitioned the standard for Spatial Web Protocol into the final balloting process. This milestone, celebrated by VERSES, underscores the maturity and readiness of the specifications to potentially become global standards. Gabriel René, the visionary founder and CEO of VERSES, emphasized the significance of this progression. “The readiness of these specifications to move into the balloting process marks a historical milestone,” René stated. He anticipates this landmark achievement will pave the way for a safer, more intelligently connected world upon completion next quarter.

VERSES AI’s journey with IEEE over the past five years has been both collaborative and pioneering, focused on developing both social and technical standards. This collaboration strives to ensure future artificial intelligence systems are not only secure and safe but also trustworthy. The contribution of VERSES to this endeavor is substantial, including the release of ‘The Future of AI Governance’ report. This document, a collaboration with global law firm Dentons, offers insightful guidance on the governance of AI technologies while emphasizing the necessity of socio-technical standards, as underscored by the Spatial Web Foundation’s principles.


At the heart of VERSES AI is the drive to replicate the intricate simplicity of natural systems and apply this to distributed intelligence technologies. Their flagship Genius™ system stands as a testament to this mission, emulating neuroscientific principles to create an intelligent software that can learn, adapt, and interact meaningfully with its environment.

What sets Genius™ apart is its unique blend of features, including its ability to make predictive queries, its adaptability in real-time, and the automated networking that underpins its operations. Based on open standards, Genius™ aims to harmonize the cacophony of data from diverse sources into coherent knowledge models, enabling seamless collaboration between humans, machines, and artificial intelligences across both digital plains and the tangible world.

With these advancements, VERSES not only envisions but actively constructs a future where human potential is not just supported but elevated through natural innovations. For those keen on exploring the leading edge where technology meets natural inspiration, VERSES invites you to discover more about their mission and their contributions to a smarter world through their official portal, LinkedIn, and X platforms.

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