Presto Announces Pilot of Spanish Voice AI for Drive-Thrus

In an exciting update for the restaurant industry, Presto has unveiled a new artificial intelligence feature designed to transform the drive-thru experience for Spanish-speaking customers. This innovation allows users to place orders in Spanish, providing a fluid option to switch between English and Spanish as needed.

Gee Lefevre, the interim CEO of Presto, underscored the significance of this development, stating, “We understand the importance of providing a seamless and inclusive experience for all restaurant guests and are excited to enhance Presto Voice’s capabilities to address this important demographic.” According to Lefevre, this advancement is not just a step forward in serving a broader customer base within the U.S. but also lays the groundwork for potential international expansion. The ability to add any language to Presto Voice signifies the company’s commitment to inclusivity and adaptability.

The pilot program for the new Spanish-speaking feature of Presto Voice is currently in operation at a Southern California location. Following successful preliminary results, plans are underway for a more extensive rollout that will include additional on-site testing.

Lefevre emphasized the company’s dedication to enhancing their service for diverse demographics, noting, “Many of our customers operate in areas with diverse demographics, and this feature will allow them to serve their Spanish-speaking guests better, providing a more personalized and efficient drive-thru experience.” The introduction of Spanish language ordering into their Presto Voice system is aimed at streamlining operations, boosting customer satisfaction, and driving revenue growth for restaurants.

About Presto Automation

Presto, listed on Nasdaq under the ticker PRST, is a leader in providing sophisticated AI and automation solutions to the restaurant industry. Their solutions target reducing labor costs, improving staff efficiency, boosting revenue, and enhancing guest experiences. Among its offerings, Presto Voice has been particularly significant for quick-service restaurants (QSRs), many of which are prominent names in the United States.

Looking Ahead

The announcement contains forward-looking statements that envision a future where technology like Presto’s can fundamentally alter how restaurants engage with their customers. These statements reflect predictions and expectations regarding the potential benefits and growth resulting from the implementation of AI and language-specific features in the restaurant industry. With its commitment to innovation and inclusivity, Presto is set to redefine the drive-thru ordering process, making it more accessible and efficient for a diverse customer base.

As Presto moves forward with its pilot program and plans for broader implementation, the industry watches closely. The successful incorporation of Spanish voice ordering could serve as a model for future advancements, potentially introducing multilingual capabilities that cater to an even wider audience. In doing so, Presto reaffirms its position at the forefront of technological innovation in the restaurant industry, promising an exciting future for QSRs and their customers alike.

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