‘Real Housewives’ Star Opens Up About Continuing Relationship with Estranged Husband

In a recent turn of events, “The Real Housewives of Miami” standout Alexia Nepola has shared intimate details about her ongoing relationship with her estranged husband, Todd Nepola, amidst divorce proceedings. This revelation came to light during her heartfelt conversation on the “Two Ts in a Pod” podcast, hosted by Tamra Judge and Teddi Mellencamp, which aired on June 15.

The reality TV star did not hold back when discussing the current dynamics of her relationship with Todd. She candidly admitted to maintaining a physical relationship with him despite their ongoing divorce. “Yes. Of course, yes. We’ve done it all, yeah. We love each other and we’re super into each other, it’s not because of that,” Alexia remarked, emphasizing that their love for each other extends beyond physical attraction.

Alexia also touched upon the struggles that led to their separation, highlighting communication issues as the root cause. “I just believe we have to have better communication. I think we’re both strong people and I think that we struggle with the way that we communicate,” she explained.

Despite Todd’s initial decision to file for divorce, Alexia revealed that this challenging period has prompted them to explore potential solutions to save their marriage, including undergoing couple’s therapy. “I’m doing better, it’s been two months. I’ve gone to therapy, we’ve gone to therapy. We’re doing couples therapy,” she shared, showcasing their efforts to reconcile.

The notion of reconciling is something that Alexia holds close, expressing her deep yearning to mend their relationship. “For me, I would want that deep in my heart because I’m madly in love with him and I would want it to work out. So that’s why it’s so difficult,” she confided, while also acknowledging the added pressures of their public visibility.

Adding to the complexity of their situation is their living arrangement, which includes Alexia’s son Frankie, 27, who has been living with the repercussions of permanent brain damage since a critical car accident in 2011. Alexia disclosed the impact of their marital issues on Frankie and how it reverberates throughout their family, hinting at the collective challenge they face in healing and moving forward.

In a lighter note, Alexia also announced her new role alongside Mellencamp as the official co-host for the “Two Ts” podcast’s recaps of the upcoming season 18 of RHOC, allowing Judge to step back from discussing her own series. Moreover, Alexia is not stepping away from the microphone anytime soon, as she continues her collaboration with fellow RHOM star Marysol Patton on their own iHeartRadio podcast, “Ay Por Favor.”

The connection between these dynamic women was further highlighted by their group outing to a Janet Jackson concert in San Francisco, an event that showcased their friendship and shared experiences outside of their podcasting duties and television appearances.

As these revelations unfold, fans and followers are given a rare glimpse into the complexities of reality TV relationships, particularly how they navigate the intricacies of love, communication, and family in the public eye.

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