Divorces Granted in Washington, Benton Counties

Below is a summary of the divorces that were granted during the period of March 14-20, recorded in the clerks’ offices of Benton and Washington counties. These records mark significant changes in the lives of those involved, reflecting the legal dissolution of marital bonds within these communities.

Benton County

  • Case 23-674: Gloria Mendoza v. Abel Mendoza
  • Case 23-790: Doug Burns v. Kimberly Burns
  • Case 23-846: Shelley Bell v. Wayman Bell
  • Case 23-1125: Ian Murray v. Ragen Murray
  • Case 23-1207: Angela Schmidt v. Karl Schmidt
  • Case 23-1343: Crystal Ford v. Cory Ford
  • Case 23-1348: Nicolette Elvins v. Benito Elvins
  • Case 23-1448: Fernando Ortiz v. Juana Ortiz
  • Case 23-1519: Imelda Arreaga v. J. Agustin Galvan
  • Case 23-1709: Mindy Rhodes v. Jakie Rhodes
  • Case 23-1832: Estefania Contreras v. Hector Calvillo
  • Case 23-1867: Kim Hughes v. Chad Hughes
  • Case 23-1901: Brian Potter v. Jennie Butler
  • Case 23-1981: John Faust v. Sonia Faust
  • Case 24-37: Raymond Moppin v. Sharmon Moppin
  • Case 24-79: Louis Christo v. Rhonda Christo
  • Case 24-96: Jessica Odegard v. Jordan Odegard
  • Case 24-106: Virginia Pendergraft v. Richard Pendergraft
  • Case 24-125: Aaron Hollinger v. Jennifer Hollinger
  • Case 24-153: Yaquelin Withrow v. Garrett Withrow
  • Case 24-161: Nathalie Rojax v. Sengsai Kue
  • Case 24-163: Kristen Edwards v. Cody Edwards
  • Case 24-245: Oksana Demaris v. Dakota Demaris

Washington County

  • Case 22-1863: Monte Johnston v. Ashley Biswell
  • Case 23-920: Michelle Perkins v. Noah Perkins
  • Case 23-1180: Meghan Paxton v. Zachary Paxton
  • Case 23-1697: Ancel Nabholz v. Kayla Nabholz
  • Case 23-1895: Lewis Raifer Baez de la Rosa v. Deshayla Page
  • Case 24-143: Angel Romero Rodriguez v. Sonia Alfaro
  • Case 24-157: Maria Gonzalez Urdaneta v. Juan Carlos Sanchez
  • Case 24-166: Shawna Rhodes v. Benjamin Rhodes
  • Case 24-185: Bovethlynn Ria v. Ted Schmidt
  • Case 24-191: Lyndsey Mattox v. Adam Mattox
  • Case 24-198: Chancie Clark v. Audrey Clark
  • Case 24-203: Sarah Sutton v. Cody Sutton

The listed divorce cases in Benton and Washington counties signify an important phase in the lives of the individuals named. It’s worth noting that divorce, while often challenging, signifies the end of one chapter and the beginning of another, hopefully leading to positive new beginnings for all involved.

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