Omdia Predicts Significant Growth in Handheld Gaming Devices Market by 2028

The landscape of gaming is evolving, with the handheld gaming devices market expected to witness substantial growth over the next five years. According to a comprehensive study conducted by Omdia, sales of handheld gaming devices stood at an impressive 19.3 million units worldwide in 2023. This figure is projected to skyrocket to 29.3 million units by 2028, indicative of a strong and growing interest in portable gaming solutions.

The renaissance of handheld gaming has been predominantly propelled by the success of the Nintendo Switch. This resurgence marks a departure from the early 2010s, when mobile gaming significantly overshadowed dedicated handheld gaming devices. Historically, handheld gaming systems were uniquely distinguished from their console counterparts, often necessitating exclusive libraries due to significant hardware differences.

Breaking from tradition, the Nintendo Switch redefined the scope of handheld gaming by encapsulating the full console gaming experience within a portable device. This pioneering approach not only revitalized the handheld gaming market but also set a precedent for future devices. Following in the footsteps of the Switch, the Steam Deck emerged in 2022, bringing PC gaming into the portable realm by leveraging Steam’s extensive game library.

The Steam Deck’s success has catalyzed the emergence of a new category within the gaming sector: the PC gaming handheld. Recognizing the potential of this niche, established hardware manufacturers, including ASUS and Lenovo, have ventured into this space with their offerings.

Moreover, the advent of handhelds capable of streaming, such as the PlayStation Portal, underscores a growing trend towards flexibility in gaming. Devices like the Portal extend existing gaming platforms, in this case, the PS5, enabling players to enjoy games away from the traditional confines of a stationary TV or monitor setting. This shift aims to bolster player engagement and expenditure across various gaming ecosystems.

In an era where gaming platforms are increasingly interconnected, handheld gaming devices have carved out a distinct niche. “Handhelds today exist not in isolation, but in tandem with PC, console, and mobile platforms, thriving in a symbiotic relationship,” remarked an industry analyst at Omdia. However, the analyst pointed out that manufacturers of handheld gaming PCs face unique challenges not present in the notebook or desktop segments. The dominance of Valve’s Steam Deck serves as both a blueprint for success and a reminder of the hurdles in building a hardware business without direct control over the software ecosystem.

Despite these challenges, the handheld gaming market is experiencing a vibrancy and competitive dynamism like never before. With a range of new entrants and established players keen to capitalize on this growth, the sector’s future looks promising. Nevertheless, achieving success in this increasingly complex market demands a focused strategy, as highlighted by Omdia’s in-depth analysis. By sizing key devices and forecasting market trends up to 2028, the Games Handhelds Database offers valuable insights into this expanding industry, charting a course for the continuous evolution of handheld gaming.

As we look towards the future, the handheld gaming devices market stands on the cusp of transformative growth, driven by technological advancements, innovative product offerings, and a shift in consumer gaming preferences. This expansion underscores a vibrant sector poised for further innovation and success in the years to come.

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