Epic Games Announces the Return of Fortnite to iPhones in Europe

In a groundbreaking move, Epic Games revealed plans to reintroduce the wildly popular game Fortnite to iPhone users, alongside the debut of the Epic Games Store on mobile platforms within the European territory. This ambitious initiative is set to be realized in response to the forthcoming Digital Markets Act (DMA), slated to be enforced starting March 7.

The gaming giant stated, “With the enactment of the new Digital Markets Act, we have successfully acquired our Apple Developer Account and are gearing up to jumpstart the development of the Epic Games Store on iOS. Our target is to launch by 2024.” The development and operation of the mobile Epic Games Store and Fortnite in Europe will be managed by Epic Games Sweden AB, which boasts a talented team spread across three studios and consisting of over sixty dedicated employees.

What’s New in 2024?

Looking ahead to 2024, Epic Games has elaborated on its strategic shift towards enhancing the discovery of games and the overall player experience on their platform. A key feature in the pipeline is a revamped Download Manager, designed to give users full control over the timing of updates, scheduling of downloads, reordering their queue, and much more.

Further enhancements are anticipated for the Offline Mode that aim to offer a smoother launcher experience, including the capability for users to switch to an offline state deliberately, accompanied by clearer error information and improved authentication processes for those with limited connectivity.

In an exciting announcement for developers and publishers, Epic Games has opened the door for them to incorporate their own subscription services into the Epic Games Store, potentially diversifying the available content and subscription options for users.

Around twenty new games have been announced to debut on the Epic Games Store in 2024, signaling a significant expansion of the platform’s offerings.

Epic Games Store: Reflecting on 2023

The year 2023 was a milestone for Epic Games, showcasing substantial growth in its user base. The Epic Games Store surged to over 270 million PC users, marking an increase of 40 million from the previous year, bringing the total to 804 million across all Epic platforms.

The platform witnessed its Daily Active Users peak at 36.1 million, with Monthly Active Users climbing to 75 million, a notable rise from the 68 million recorded last year. This year also saw the introduction of over 1,300 new PC titles to the store, expanding the total offerings to more than 2,900 titles – an impressive 88% growth compared to 2022.

In summary, Epic Games’ ambitious plans for the future, combined with its significant growth and expansion in 2023, paint a promising picture for the gaming community. The return of Fortnite to iPhones and the launch of the Epic Games Store on mobile in Europe are eagerly awaited by gamers and industry observers alike, marking a new chapter in Epic Games’ continual evolution.

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