Revolutionizing Bollywood Fan Experience with AI-Based Games on JioDive XR

In an innovative leap towards blending technology with entertainment, Shemaroo Entertainment has struck a partnership with GMetri, a leading developer in the gaming sphere, to revolutionize the realm of immersive gaming. This collaboration marks the inception of a series of AI-enhanced games within Shemaroo’s digital metaverse platform, ShemarooVerse, offering a futuristic twist to enjoying Bollywood classics.

Diving into Bollywood with AI Games

The AI-integrated games slated for release will encompass a roster of beloved Bollywood blockbusters from Shemaroo’s vast repository, including the likes of “Jab We Met,” “Golmaal,” “Disco Dancer,” “Amar Akbar Anthony,” and many more. These games are designed to transport players straight into the cinematic world, enabling them to interact with film narratives and characters in a whole new dimension.

Shemaroo Entertainment, recognizing the accelerating pace at which the metaverse is being embraced, plans to keep expanding its cinematic game universe. This step is seen as a significant milestone in enhancing the movie-watching experience by introducing it to the realm of immersive gaming and interactive storytelling.

Technological Marvel behind the Scenes

GMetri’s state-of-the-art, no-code XR platform along with its AI framework,, lays the groundwork for creating these immersive games. This technology is not just about enhancing gameplay but also about revolutionizing content interaction within the digital ecosystem. The approach promises to open new avenues for narrative exploration and engagement, thereby enriching the fan experience manifold.

ShemarooVerse, having been launched as recently as October 2023, represents Shemaroo’s ambitious foray into the Web3 universe. It’s a bespoke digital space where audiences can dive deeper into the content they love, now made even more accessible through the JioDive XR headset designed for smartphones.

In Pursuit of Immersive Excellence

Arghya Chakravarty, COO of Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd., expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing the aim to captivate consumers by leveraging AI in gaming. This collaboration with GMetri not only signifies a shift towards more engaging consumer interactions with Bollywood content but also spotlights Shemaroo’s commitment to pioneering immersive entertainment innovations in India.

On the flip side, Utsav Mathur, CEO of GMetri, highlighted the potential their technology holds in transforming entertainment IPs into dynamic, interactive experiences. By bringing their AI-driven platform to the ShemarooVerse, GMetri envisions a new era where gamified, immersive 3D worlds become the norm, enhancing consumer engagement across the board — from corporate education to pure entertainment.

The amalgamation of Shemaroo’s rich cinematic heritage and GMetri’s technological prowess promises to usher in an exhilarating phase for Indian entertainment, bridging the gap between traditional movie watching and interactive gaming experiences. As fans await the release of these games, the partnership is set to redefine what it means to be engaged and entertained in the digital age.

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