Sporty Group Makes Its First Leap into Gaming by Acquiring Sociable Soccer

In a significant move that bridges the realms of sports media and gaming, Sporty Group has officially acquired the beloved arcade-style football game series, Sociable Soccer. This notable acquisition signals Sporty Group’s ambitious foray into the mobile and video gaming industry, diversifying its portfolio beyond its traditional sports media and betting operations.

The brainchild behind Sociable Soccer, Tower Studios CEO and creative director Jon Hare, has crafted a game that not only resonates with fans of the classic Sensible Soccer series but also brings fresh dynamism and modern gameplay to enthusiasts and new players alike. The series’ latest iteration, Sociable Soccer 24, has already made waves with its release on Steam and Nintendo Switch towards the end of 2023, and anticipations are high for its upcoming launch on Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

Under the new ownership, Jon Hare will continue his leadership role in the game’s development, now backed with the additional resources and support from Sporty Group. The conglomerate, known for its diverse operations including SportyBet,, and SportyTV—a platform offering live sports broadcasts in Nigeria and Ghana, is poised to leverage this acquisition to further cement its position in the entertainment and gaming landscape.

Hare expressed enthusiastic optimism about the partnership, noting, “Joining forces with Sporty opens exciting new avenues for our development team. It enables us to double down on what we excel at—delivering engaging and innovative games across multiple platforms. Having the backing of such a robust sports entertainment entity as Sporty means we can dream bigger and reach further, enhancing our game development and expanding our reach to delight more players around the globe.”

From the perspective of Sporty Group, the integration of Sociable Soccer into their family is viewed as a strategic expansion and a nod towards future investments in the gaming sector. Gregory Parsons, Sporty Group’s Vice President of Business Development, shared his enthusiasm about this collaboration, stating, “Our discussions with Jon and his team revealed a shared vision and ambition which made it an easy decision to welcome them aboard. Sociable Soccer represents just the start of what we believe will be a thriving and fruitful venture into gaming, underpinned by a shared commitment to excellence and innovation in the world of sports entertainment.”

The partnership not only promises to bring new developments to the Sociable Soccer series but also positions Sporty Group as a burgeoning force in the gaming and esports arenas. With the acquisition complete, the gaming community awaits with bated breath to see how Sociable Soccer evolves under its new management and how this union impacts the broader landscape of sports gaming and entertainment.

Last year, insights into the strategic direction of Sociable Soccer’s development were revealed, including the acquisition of the FIFPRO license, allowing the inclusion of over 10,000 real-world players in the game. This move demonstrates a commitment to authenticity and depth, ensuring fans can expect more thrilling updates and expansions to the series as it unfolds under Sporty Group’s stewardship.

As Sociable Soccer prepares to make its mark on new platforms and engage with a broader audience, the future looks bright for this iconic series, now reborn under the aegis of Sporty Group. Stay tuned for more updates as Sociable Soccer aims to redefine football gaming for enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

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