NVIDIA Steps into the Future with Digital Human Microservices Revolution

TAIPEI, Taiwan – In a significant announcement at COMPUTEX 2024, NVIDIA has unveiled the general availability of its ACE generative AI microservices. This move is set to catapult the creation of digital humans into a new era, empowering industries such as customer service, gaming, and healthcare with unprecedented technology.

The NVIDIA ACE suite encompasses a range of digital human generative AI technologies now available to the public, including NVIDIA Riva ASR, TTS, and NMT for advanced speech recognition and translation, NVIDIA Nemotron LLM for nuanced language understanding, NVIDIA Audio2Face for lifelike facial animations, and NVIDIA Omniverse RTX for hyper-realistic skin and hair rendering in real-time.

Adding to its innovative roster, NVIDIA has announced upcoming technologies like NVIDIA Audio2Gesture, designed to craft body gestures from audio inputs, and the NVIDIA Nemotron-3 4.5B, a cutting-edge small language model (SLM) optimized for RTX AI PC inference with low latency.

“The future of intent-driven computing is upon us, making interactions with computers as natural as those with humans,” stated Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA. “These breakthroughs in AI signal a transformative era not only for developers but for the entire way industries engage with digital humans.”

Expanding the Digital Human Ecosystem

NVIDIA’s push for digital human innovation is now making its way to 100 million RTX AI PCs and laptops, featuring on-device capabilities such as Nemotron-3 4.5B for enhanced model performance without cloud dependency. The NVIDIA AI Inference Manager SDK is aimed at facilitating the deployment of ACE technologies across devices, ensuring a seamless orchestration of AI inference both on PCs and in the cloud.

At COMPUTEX, NVIDIA showcased collaborations with companies like Aww Inc., Perfect World Games, and Inventec, demonstrating varied applications of ACE technologies—from virtual celebrities and immersive gaming experiences to healthcare AI agents.

ServiceNow and Dell Technologies are among other giants adopting NVIDIA’s ACE technologies, integrating digital avatars and intelligent assistants across industries to revolutionize customer and employee interactions.

NVIDIA Celebrates Digital Human Innovation with New Demos and Collaborations

In a remarkable demonstration of its generative AI capabilities, NVIDIA introduced a “digital Jensen” avatar, employing AI tools like Synthesia and Hour One for video generation and partnering with companies like ElevenLabs and Voicemod for multilingual voice synthesis and audio effects.

NVIDIA’s ongoing commitment to the digital human frontier is reflected in its ACE NIM microservices for server and PC deployments, bringing enterprise-class support to developers and opening new pathways for innovation in digital human interaction.

With NVIDIA’s recent announcements and showcases, the future of digital humans looks more promising and accessible than ever, promising a revolution in the way industries interact with technology.

For more information about NVIDIA’s technological advancements and their impact on the future of digital humans, viewers are encouraged to watch Huang’s enlightening COMPUTEX keynote. As the world leader in accelerated computing, NVIDIA continues to push the boundaries of what is possible, laying the foundations for a future where digital and human interactions are indistinguishable.

For further inquiries, NVIDIA has made available contact details for more insights into their groundbreaking work in digital human technologies.

As the digital human ecosystem evolves, NVIDIA’s ACE generative AI microservices are not just a step but a giant leap towards a future of seamless, realistic interactions between humans and machines.

Note: The advancement of NVIDIA’s technology and its contribution to the digital human revolution highlights an epoch where the bridge between digital intelligence and human interconnectedness is continually being strengthened.

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