Global Technology Firm Adopts Multilingual Search Capabilities with Bridgeline’s HawkSearch

In an era where digital transformation knows no boundaries, the need for businesses to cater to a global audience has become paramount. Bridging the language gap while ensuring seamless user experience on digital platforms is a challenge many companies face. In a significant development aimed at captivating the global market, Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLIN), a leader in cutting-edge AI-powered marketing technology, has announced a landmark partnership that aims to revolutionize how global audiences interact with digital content.

On July 11, 2024, Bridgeline Digital revealed that a renowned global AI technology firm has chosen HawkSearch, Bridgeline’s advanced multilingual search software, to enhance its online user navigation experience. This collaboration is set to cater to users across different regions by providing a tailored search functionality in nine different languages, thereby setting new standards in user-centric digital experiences.


The partnership is not just about overcoming language barriers; it’s about redefining the way digital content is accessed and utilized worldwide. The AI technology company plans to integrate HawkSearch with its website hosted on Sitefinity, thereby ensuring that users can effortlessly search in nine languages. This feature extends beyond general site search to include three key subdomains: Site Search, Newsroom, and Resource Library. Whether a user is looking for specific product information, the latest company news, or in-depth resources, they can now do so in their preferred language.

This trailblazing initiative highlights the importance of customized digital experiences in today’s global market. By catering to the linguistic preferences of their global audience, the AI technology firm is not just promoting inclusivity but is also enhancing user engagement and satisfaction. The capacity to search in multiple languages will undoubtedly streamline the user experience, making information more accessible to a diverse audience base.

The choice of HawkSearch for this purpose underscores the robustness and flexibility of Bridgeline’s solutions. HawkSearch’s ability to power complex search functions across different languages and its seamless integration with existing digital platforms like Sitefinity exemplifies Bridgeline’s commitment to delivering innovative and user-focused technology solutions.

As digital platforms continue to evolve, the demand for more personalized and accessible content will only grow. Bridgeline Digital’s continued focus on enhancing digital experiences through advanced technology like HawkSearch positions it and its partners at the forefront of this digital evolution. In an increasingly connected world, the ability to navigate digital content in one’s native language is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity for businesses aiming to truly connect with their global audience.

This strategic implementation by the global AI technology firm, powered by Bridgeline’s HawkSearch, is a testament to the power of technology in breaking down language barriers and creating a more inclusive digital world. As companies continue to explore the potential of multilingual digital experiences, partnerships like this set the benchmark for what is possible in the realm of global digital engagement.

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