Pioneering Contextual Design: Dataloy Widgets Enhance Data Accessibility and Decision-Making in Maritime Logistics

In an era where instant access to data is not just expected but required for making crucial decisions, Dataloy Systems, a leader in maritime technology solutions, has unveiled a transformative set of tools at Breakbulk Rotterdam. The introduction of Dataloy Widgets, intrinsic components of Dataloy VMS version 7.9, promises to redefine how maritime logistics operations utilize and interact with data.

A Vision Realised: Future-Focused Innovation Drives Maritime Excellence

According to Erik Fritz Loy, CEO of Dataloy Systems, the creation of Dataloy Widgets is a direct response to the specific challenges faced by maritime professionals today. “Our goal was to develop tools that elevate operational efficiency and provide our clients with reliable, actionable intelligence, enabling them to make real-time, informed decisions,” Loy expressed. This initiative is part of Dataloy’s commitment to not just respond to existing market needs but to anticipate future demands, thereby redefining industry standards for excellence and decision-making capabilities.

Empowering Maritime Professionals with Real-time Data

The introduction of Dataloy Widgets introduces a new layer of functionality to maritime data management, showcasing features that include:

  • Instant Operational Insights: Users have immediate access to real-time data on critical operational metrics such as bunker costs, port delays, and vessel performance.
  • Customisable Interface: Widgets can be tailored to meet the unique preferences of each user, fostering an intuitive and productive data interaction experience.
  • Integrated System Architecture: With seamless integration into the Dataloy VMS, these widgets offer a cohesive user experience, effectively eliminating the common disruptions associated with using disparate systems.

Anticipating the Impact: A New Era of Efficiency and Strategic Insight in Maritime Logistics

Andrea Biasillo, CTO of Dataloy Systems, envisions the Dataloy Widgets as a catalyst for unprecedented change within maritime logistics. “These Widgets are not just new tools; they signify a new paradigm in data utilization in our industry,” Biasillo stated. The Widgets are designed to elevate operational efficiencies and streamline the decision-making process across the sector significantly.

“We foresee these Widgets as game-changers, transforming routine data interactions into strategic assets and redefining approaches to maritime logistics,” Biasillo added. By delivering real-time insights into essential operational areas such as bunker costs, port delays, and vessel performance, the Dataloy Widgets address the specific challenges faced by today’s maritime professionals, promoting a more informed and efficient operational landscape.

About Dataloy Systems

Since its establishment in 2002 in Bergen, Norway, Dataloy Systems has been at the cutting edge of developing integrated software solutions for the maritime industry. The firm’s flagship product, the Dataloy Voyage Management System (VMS), revolutionizes commercial maritime operations, empowering shipowners, operators, charterers, and traders by enhancing decision-making, facilitating revenue growth, and streamlining operational efficiency within a digital environment. Committed to the digital evolution of the industry, Dataloy continues to steer maritime trade through its complexities with scalable solutions tailored to the dynamic needs of maritime commerce.

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