MIL-OSI: RTI and GE HealthCare Illuminate the Future of Medical Monitoring at DeviceTalks Boston 2024

In an era where the integration of technology and healthcare is becoming increasingly paramount, Real-Time Innovations (RTI) is poised to showcase its groundbreaking advancements at DeviceTalks Boston 2024. Scheduled for May 1-2 at the Boston Convention Center, this event stands as a pivotal platform for innovators in the medical technology sector. At the heart of RTI’s presentation is their cutting-edge Connext® software, a revolutionary tool designed to streamline the development of next-generation medical systems through robust and efficient data exchange.

This year, the spotlight at DeviceTalks will shine on a special collaboration between RTI and GE HealthCare, bringing an unprecedented breakthrough in patient monitoring technology to the forefront. On the first day of the conference, an engaging presentation will captivate attendees as RTI CEO, Stan Schneider, and GE HealthCare CTO, Oliver Astley, delve into the intricacies of the Portrait™ Mobile system. As the first FDA-approved, continuous monitoring solution of its kind, Portrait™ Mobile allows patients the freedom to move around the hospital without sacrificing vital oversight. At the core of this innovation is the Data Distribution Service (DDS™) standard, which ensures a high-level of reliability in the information flow across distributed systems.

The importance of the DDS standard cannot be overstated, serving as the backbone for the Connext software framework. Connext is adept at delivering secure, scalable data flow across interconnected systems, empowering real-time control, processing, and monitoring like never before. Whether it’s in robotic surgery, connected healthcare, or medical imaging, Connext facilitates a seamless integration of data across diverse environments, thereby establishing a unified communications backbone for the modern, data-centric systems.

At DeviceTalks, RTI promises an immersive experience with a live demonstration at booth #606, showcasing an integrated medical system composed of robotics, monitoring, and video applications. This interactive presentation, developed alongside ICS, will feature a digital twin of a robotic arm intricately synchronized with a patient monitoring system, all powered by the Connext data integration framework. The demonstration aims to encapsulate RTI’s vision for the future of medical technology, where seamless interoperability and real-time data exchange are paramount.

Moreover, RTI’s prowess will also be demonstrated at the MedAcuity booth (#726), where attendees can witness the capabilities of a remote surgical robot created using Connext. This innovation stands as a testament to RTI’s commitment to enabling rapid and reliable data transmission, showcasing the practical applications of their technology.

For those interested in exploring the boundless possibilities of RTI’s contributions to the medical technology landscape or seeking to engage with their experts, further information is available at this link.

About RTI

Real-Time Innovations (RTI) occupies a critical space in the infrastructure software landscape, catering to smart-world systems with its flagship product, RTI Connext. As a leader in the domain, RTI prides itself on facilitating the development of intelligent distributed systems that harmonize advanced sensing, fast control, and AI algorithms. With over 2,000 customer designs, RTI’s software is the driving force behind a myriad of applications, from autonomous vehicles and defense programs to MedTech systems and beyond. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, RTI operates with a global footprint, including offices in Colorado, Spain, and Singapore, cementing its position as a purveyor of a smarter, more connected world.

Embark on a journey toward the next frontier of medical technology by downloading a free trial of the latest, fully-functional Connext software today at RTI’s website.

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