Vi and CareGame Revolutionize Mobile Gaming with the Launch of Cloud Play Service

In an exciting move, telecom giant Vi has teamed up with Paris-based CareGame to unveil a new venture into the realm of mobile gaming with their cloud gaming service, Cloud Play. This collaboration aims to provide a seamless gaming experience, bringing a plethora of premium AAA titles directly to gamers without the need for downloads, thus saving on device storage and avoiding the need to upgrade hardware frequently.

The service debuts with an impressive array of games across diverse genres, including action, adventure, arcade, racing, sports, and strategy. Gamers can look forward to popular titles such as Asphalt 9, Modern Combat 5, Shadow Fight, and classics like Cut The Rope and Subway Surfers, with a promise of more exciting additions to come.

Cloud Play distinguishes itself by offering instant playability, high-quality graphics, and multiplayer support, which promises a top-tier gaming experience without the traditional requirements of high-end phones or additional downloads. This innovation not only caters to the convenience of players but also presents considerable cost benefits.

Vodafone Idea’s CMO, Avneesh Khosla, expressed enthusiasm for the launch, highlighting the company’s commitment to enhancing its offerings through meaningful partnerships. He points out that the rapidly growing gaming scene, with smartphones at the core, is becoming more accessible than ever, thanks to Cloud Play. This initiative invites users to step into a world where technology meets imagination, offering an endless playground of cloud-based gaming adventures.

Philippe Wang, Co-founder and CEO of CareGame, also shared his thoughts on the partnership. He emphasized that Cloud Play is poised to transform the mobile gaming landscape in India, allowing players to enjoy high-quality gaming without the need for investing in new technology. The service leverages CareGame’s innovative technology, a robust catalogue of games, and the expansive Vi network to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience.

Vi Games Cloud Play is accessible through both the Vi website and the app, highlighting Vi’s commitment to gaming and its pursuit of providing unique digital experiences for its customers.

Subscription Details

For those eager to jump in, Cloud Play offers a subscription model at a rate of Rs. 100 per month, with a slight variation for prepaid users at Rs. 104 per recharge. As an introductory offer, gamers have the option to explore the service for free before committing to a subscription, allowing them to get a taste of the future of mobile gaming without immediate financial commitment.

This partnership between Vi and CareGame is a testament to the evolving nature of the gaming industry, showcasing how collaborations can lead to innovative solutions that enhance user experience and accessibility. As Cloud Play continues to expand its library and features, it sets a new standard for mobile gaming, promising endless entertainment for gamers across India.

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