Spain and IBM Forge Partnership to Enrich AI Development with National Language Models

In a significant move to bolster Spain’s standing in artificial intelligence (AI) on a global scale, the Spanish Government and IBM have announced a groundbreaking collaboration. This strategic alliance aims to enhance Spain’s AI capabilities, focusing on the development of foundational AI models proficient in Spanish and its co-official languages.

The agreement was solidified at Madrid’s Moncloa Complex in a high-profile meeting that included notable figures such as the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, IBM’s Senior Vice President and Director of Research, Darío Gil, and other key governmental and IBM representatives. The collaboration centers on a shared commitment towards open, ethical, and responsible AI development underpinned by an expansive Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

At the heart of the initiative is the ambition to empower sectors across the economy with AI-driven enhancements in productivity while championing Europe’s strategic autonomy. The MoU, inked by both parties in Madrid, leverages IBM’s open-source AI framework, promising a participatory development process for the AI models. These models will also embrace Spain’s co-official languages, thereby fostering innovation and inclusivity.

A Strategic Move towards AI Innovation

Both Spain and IBM envision this partnership as a driving force for ethical and beneficial AI use across a multitude of economic sectors and public services. As José Luis Escrivá, Spain’s Minister for Digital Transformation and Civil Service, remarked, the collaborative effort with IBM is a stride towards harnessing AI’s full potential in fostering productivity and delivering superior public services.

This collaborative venture signals an ambitious move, positioning Spain at the cusp of an AI revolution that promises exponential gains in efficiency and service delivery. IBM, with its comprehensive AI expertise and resources, stands as a pivotal ally for Spain in this transformative journey.

Breaking Language Barriers in AI Development

One of the initiative’s core facets is the development of foundation models in Spanish and co-official languages, addressing a significant gap in the AI market. This endeavor not only caters to the 6.2% of the global population that speaks Spanish but also aligns with broader objectives to enhance AI sustainability by minimizing biases and fostering competitive advancements in the Spanish-speaking world.

IBM’s Darío Gil emphasized the shared goal of accelerating Spain’s AI strategy, highlighting the partnership’s potential to drive technological adoption and sustainable growth not only within Spain but across Spanish-speaking countries globally.

Comprehensive Impact Across Economic Sectors

The collaboration extends beyond immediate technological advancements, envisioning a holistic impact on Spain’s economy. By encompassing investment in human capital and promoting AI adoption among small-medium sized businesses (SMBs) and larger enterprises, the partnership is poised to catalyze a wide-reaching transformation across the Spanish economic landscape.

The MoU outlines key principles focusing on the development of AI models in Spanish and co-official languages, fostering an AI ecosystem, and enhancing semiconductor sustainability. Moreover, the initiative promises to drive research and development in AI for supercomputing applications, marking a significant step forward in technological innovation.

A Global Vision for AI

IBM’s commitment to global hybrid cloud, AI solutions, and consulting expertise is a testament to its role as a catalyst for digital transformation. As entities worldwide, including over 4,000 government and corporate sectors, turn to IBM for transformational solutions, this collaboration with the Spanish Government underscores a pivotal milestone in AI’s global journey.

As Spain and IBM embark on this ambitious journey, the potential for societal and economic transformation through AI is immense. This strategic partnership not only underscores the significance of language inclusivity in AI development but also sets a precedent for international collaborations aimed at harnessing the power of artificial intelligence for a better future.

For further information about IBM’s innovative ventures and its collaboration with the Government of Spain, please contact IBM’s marketing and communications representatives.

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