SafeLogic Announces Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) Early Access Program at RSA Conference 2024

In an exciting development at the forefront of cryptographic innovation, SafeLogic revealed its Early Access Program (EAP) for next-generation cryptographic software modules encompassing comprehensive support for the PQC algorithms the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is set to standardize in the summer of 2024. This program, heralded at the RSA Conference 2024 in San Francisco, opens doors for customers to delve into the realms of PQC, offering the opportunity to test and understand the intricacies of algorithms and capabilities, including cryptographic asset discovery, cryptoagility, and hybrid use cases.

The quantum computing era promises unprecedented benefits across various sectors of society; however, it harbors significant threats to the domain of public key (asymmetric) encryption. The potential of quantum computers to decrypt most of today’s encryption algorithms is a stark reminder of the urgent need for resistant cryptography solutions. In response, NIST has been spearheading a global competition over the past five years, intent on identifying and standardizing PQC algorithms resilient against future quantum computer attacks. SafeLogic has actively participated in these efforts, especially through its leadership role in NIST’s NCCOE PQC migration project, aiming to prioritize the migration process seamlessly.

Evgeny Gervis, CEO of SafeLogic, emphasized the company’s longstanding commitment to delivering trusted cryptographic solutions, highlighting its role in supporting industries that are gearing up for the quantum threat through early preparations for PQC migration. “For over a decade, SafeLogic has stood as a beacon of trust for top technology firms and critical sectors. Our involvement in pioneering the transition to PQC is geared towards ensuring our clients are well-prepared for the quantum era,” stated Gervis.

SafeLogic’s PQC solutions are distinguished by validated cryptographic implementations proven in the field, broad environmental compatibility, and top-tier commercial support. Notably, these solutions are aligned with the CNSA 2.0 standards and are progressively implemented in memory-safe programming languages, addressing the imperative needs of organizations transitioning to PQC. This strategic move is instrumental for what is heralded as the largest migration in the history of cryptography, ensuring SafeLogic’s clientele is well-equipped to navigate this new landscape.

Established in 2012, SafeLogic has cemented its reputation as a leading provider of cryptographic solutions, fostering enduring privacy and trust amidst the rapidly evolving digital ecosystem. The company’s CryptoComply FIPS 140 validated software modules extend across various platforms, languages, and operating environments, ensuring versatility and reliability. Complementing its robust software offerings, SafeLogic provides a FIPS Validation-as-a-Service, streamlining the FIPS 140 certification process while offering ongoing support and certification maintenance through a tailored managed service. Central to SafeLogic’s offerings is its foresight in embracing PQC, ensuring its CryptoComply modules are not just compliant but also future-proof against the impending quantum revolution.

For organizations eager to stay ahead of the curve in cryptographic security, SafeLogic’s announcement beckons a timely opportunity to embark on PQC migration with a reliable and proven partner. As the digital world braces for the quantum leap, the journey towards post-quantum cryptography with SafeLogic promises a seamless transition, aligning with the ultimate goal of securing the future of digital communications.

To explore SafeLogic’s PQC Early Access Program and learn more about how your organization can prepare for the post-quantum era, reach out via or visit

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