Tech Giant Salesforce to Open AI Centre in London as Part of £3.1bn Investment

In a significant move that underscores the UK’s growing stature in the global AI landscape, Salesforce, the US-based software behemoth, has announced its plan to launch an Artificial Intelligence (AI) hub in London. This strategic initiative is part of the company’s broader commitment to inject a staggering £3.1 billion into AI development in the UK over the next five years.

The chosen site for this pioneering centre is the Blue Fin Building, situated in the vibrant district of Southwark, south London. Salesforce’s intentions with this new AI hub are clear: to create an innovation nexus that facilitates collaboration between industry luminaries and businesses, thereby accelerating AI innovation. Given Salesforce’s reputation as a leader in customer relationship management software, this investment is poised to make significant waves in the realm of AI as it becomes increasingly integral in both business and everyday life.

Zahra Bahrololoumi, the CEO of Salesforce UK and Ireland, emphasized the transformative potential of AI in driving growth for UK businesses. She highlighted forecasts that project the UK AI market’s value could surge to over one trillion dollars by 2035. “To seize this immense opportunity, it is imperative that leading experts in the field converge to forge innovative solutions and navigate the challenges ahead,” Bahrololoumi remarked.

“By establishing Salesforce’s inaugural AI centre in London, we aim to underscore our commitment to our customers and partners in the AI domain. Our goal is to work hand-in-hand to ensure they can fully leverage the benefits of this revolutionary technology, all the while ensuring its use remains beneficial for society at large,” she added.

The announcement has been warmly received by London’s Deputy Mayor for Business and Growth, Howard Dawber, who lauded Salesforce’s decision to situate its UK AI centre in the capital. “London is rapidly emerging as a global hub for AI enterprises, and Salesforce’s initiative to launch its leading-edge UK AI centre here further solidifies our position. This facility will not only foster innovation and collaboration among industry specialists but also offer Londoners training opportunities to prepare for the jobs and opportunities that lie ahead, thereby contributing to our economic growth and the societal well-being,” Dawber commented.

This news breaks just as London gears up for London Tech Week, which commences on June 10. This annual event serves as a testament to London’s, and by extension the UK’s, burgeoning reputation as a tech hub, particularly in AI.

Janet Coyle, Managing Director of Grow London at London and Partners and a co-founder of London Tech Week, expressed excitement over Salesforce’s plans. “The opening of a new AI centre by Salesforce in London is a clear indicator of the city’s enthusiastic embrace of technology. Our strides in AI research aim to position us as the premier hub in Europe for AI innovation,” Coyle stated.

She continued, “And it’s not just a matter of local pride. Our studies reveal that a significant majority (77%) of decision-makers at leading international AI companies view London as a more supportive environment for AI development compared to other major AI hubs globally.”

As Salesforce embarks on this ambitious journey to deepen its investment in AI within the UK, the establishment of its AI centre in London is a testament to the city’s and the country’s growing influence as a centre of innovation and technological advancement. This move not only highlights the critical role of AI in shaping the future but also sets the stage for London to take its place as a leader in the global AI revolution.

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