Samsung R&D Institute India – Bangalore Powers Multilingual Galaxy AI

In an era where technology transcends geographical boundaries, language plays a pivotal role in ensuring inclusivity and accessibility. The Samsung R&D Institute India – Bangalore (SRI-B) has been at the forefront of this technological revolution, bringing a diverse range of languages to the Galaxy AI ecosystem. As Samsung’s largest research and development center outside Korea, SRI-B has notably enhanced AI language models to cater to a global audience.

Collaborations have stretched across continents as SRI-B joined forces with Samsung’s international R&D teams. Their collective efforts have yielded AI models that now understand and process British, Indian, and Australian English, along with Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian languages. This cross-collaboration saw core engineers from Samsung Research centers worldwide convening in Bangalore, all united under the goal of integrating these languages seamlessly into the Galaxy AI framework.

The development journey came with its set of hurdles, especially with the Hindi language model. India’s linguistic diversity, featuring over 20 regional dialects, presented a complex challenge involving tonal variations, colloquialisms, and the frequent intermingling of English into daily conversations. Training the AI model to navigate this intricate linguistic landscape required multiple rounds of refinement, with both translated and transliterated data.

Giridhar Jakki, the brain behind Language AI at SRI-B, shared insights into the complexities encountered during the process. “Each language brings its unique set of intricacies,” Jakki notes. “However, the ultimate reward lies in bridging communication gaps, making all efforts worthwhile. Introducing Hindi to Galaxy AI was an exhilarating milestone for us.”

One noteworthy aspect Jakki emphasized was Hindi’s phonetic intricacies, including retroflex sounds uncommon in many languages. The team’s collaboration with native linguists and institutions like the Vellore Institute of Technology was instrumental. With the institute providing a substantial audio dataset, this partnership was crucial for honing the AI’s understanding of Hindi, enabling nuanced speech synthesis that caters to specific dialects.

The fruits of these labors are evident in Galaxy AI’s current offerings. With support for 16 languages, the AI ecosystem empowers users with features like Live Translate, Interpreter, Note Assist, and Browsing Assist — all accessible offline. This achievement underscores Samsung’s dedication to collaborative innovation and its commitment to making AI tools universally accessible.

Jakki, reflecting on the journey, expressed pride in the collaborative achievement. “What we’ve accomplished, with the aid of our partners, is a testament to the shared vision of harnessing AI for global good. We’re poised to delve deeper into understanding and processing languages, making cutting-edge AI tools accessible to an even broader audience.” This milestone not only highlights Samsung’s commitment to technological inclusivity but also its ongoing mission to harness collaboration for advancing AI innovation.

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