Information Security Roadshow Spreads Awareness

In a significant stride towards bolstering cybersecurity knowledge across its campus, the University of Cincinnati’s Office of Information Security rolled out an expansive series of engagements dubbed the Information Security Roadshow. From January to April 2024, this pioneering initiative hosted 18 in-person sessions across various UC colleges and units, captivating nearly 350 staff attendees.

The essence of these sessions transcended standard lecture formats, venturing into interactive discussions peppered with cybersecurity principles, incident narratives, and tangible examples. The roadshow’s primary mission was to arm its audience with an in-depth comprehension of current cyber threats, alongside imparting strategies for prevention, instructions on reporting incidents, and resources for maintaining security vigilance.

Survey responses from participants painted a picture of resounding success. A whopping 97% of respondents lauded the material for its clarity and informativeness. Additionally, 84% confessed a likelihood to implement their newly acquired knowledge, while approximately 79% acknowledged a substantial boost in their understanding of cybersecurity concepts.

The roadshow was not without its stars, with Tiffany Wilson, a security analyst, earning acclaim for her dynamism and engaging delivery. Participants described Tiffany’s sessions as “high energy and fun.” Complementing this was Deputy Chief Security Officer Matthew Williams, who was particularly recognized for his adeptness at demystifying complex technical topics for a diverse audience, making cybersecurity more accessible to all. “Matt did a great job, especially for those not well-versed in IT,” an attendee remarked.

While the feedback predominantly skewed positive, it also shed light on areas ripe for enhancement. Attendees expressed desires for:

  • Virtual session options to embrace a wider audience
  • Deeper dives into specialized topics like phishing, social engineering, password management, and safeguarding research and intellectual property
  • Content more tailored to the specific needs of different UC departments

This feedback underscores the importance of custom-tailored content that resonates with the unique operational landscapes of various university departments. Armed with these insights, the roadmap for future sessions is clear — crafting more specialized content that aligns closely with the roles and responsibilities of the community.

In a forward-looking move, the Office of Information Security is setting its sights on expanding these educational initiatives to encompass students and other segments of the UC community. This ambition reflects a comprehensive vision to embed cybersecurity education deeply within the fabric of the entire university.

For those eager to dive deeper into the world of cybersecurity or stay abreast of upcoming security events, a visit to is highly recommended.

Featured Image at Top: Information Security Roadshow presenter Tiffany Wilson. Photo by Lohitha Kolli

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