Tego Cyber Inc. Steps Up in Cybersecurity with CVE Numbering Authority Status

In a significant move towards bolstering cybersecurity efforts, Tego Cyber Inc., renowned for its pioneering work in threat intelligence, detection, and correlation, has been accredited as a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA) by the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) Program. This newfound authority empowers Tego Cyber to play a pivotal role in the international initiative to enhance cybersecurity awareness by identifying, defining, and cataloging publicly disclosed cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

The CVE Program, at its core, aims to streamline the cybersecurity industry’s response to threats by assigning unique identification numbers to newly discovered vulnerabilities. This process not only ensures a standardized approach across the sector but also significantly cuts down the time and resources spent on managing security risks. As a CNA, Tego Cyber is granted the capability to assign CVE identifiers to vulnerabilities within their purview, enhancing their contribution to the cybersecurity community.

Shannon Wilkinson, President and CTO of Tego Cyber, expressed the company’s commitment to cybersecurity, stating, “Being recognized as a CVE Numbering Authority is a testament to Tego’s dedication to advancing cybersecurity. We are eager to further our contribution towards identifying and mitigating cybersecurity vulnerabilities through this influential platform.”

Melissa Knight, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of Tego Cyber, also shared her enthusiasm about joining the CVE Program. “Our collaboration with community-driven initiatives like CVE is crucial for the rapid identification and remediation of vulnerabilities,” she said. “This partnership not only emphasizes our commitment to proactive cybersecurity but also strengthens our resolve to protect our clients’ sensitive data through swift responses to emerging threats and comprehensive cybersecurity frameworks.”

About the CVE Program

The CVE Program stands as a cornerstone in cybersecurity, offering a catalog of publicly disclosed cybersecurity vulnerabilities to enhance industry-wide clarity and coordination. By assigning each vulnerability a unique CVE Record, the program ensures uniformity in addressing threats. The CVE Program is a collective effort, reliant on contributions from global partners to discover and publish vulnerabilities. It champions community involvement, with governance from a CVE Board of industry, government, and academic leaders, alongside its open working groups that formulate program policies.

Introducing Tego Cyber Inc.

Founded with the ambition to bridge the gaps in the evolving domain of cyber threat intelligence and correlation, Tego Cyber Inc. is at the forefront of developing advanced solutions for threat intelligence and autonomous threat hunting/correlation. The company stands out with its comprehensive intelligence feed, providing not just indicators of compromise but detailed insights for effective threat counteraction. Its proprietary threat correlation engine integrates seamlessly with leading security platforms, enhancing the efficiency of security teams in detecting and responding to threats with curated data feeds, rapid search capabilities, and intuitive visualizations.

This endorsement as a CVE Numbering Authority underscores Tego Cyber Inc.’s ongoing commitment to setting high standards in cybersecurity and its active role in safeguarding digital ecosystems against emerging threats.

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