Trophy Games Welcomes Mikkel Weider to the Board of Directors

In an exciting development within the gaming industry, Trophy Games has officially announced the inclusion of Mikkel Weider, the distinguished former Founder and CEO of Nordisk Games, within its Board of Directors. This move signals a significant leap forward for the Copenhagen-based game development company, aiming to strengthen its market position through Weider’s vast experience and expertise in the gaming sector.

Mikkel Weider is renowned for his remarkable journey with Nordisk Games, where he spearheaded the company’s expansion from a nascent startup to a major player in the gaming industry, boasting a workforce of 1,300 employees. This growth was achieved through strategic acquisitions and organic development, underlining Weider’s knack for identifying and nurturing potential. Furthermore, Weider’s entrepreneurial spirit shone through in his founding of Art of Crime, a unique venture in the gaming landscape.

Aside from his achievements with Nordisk Games, Weider has held influential positions across the international tech and gaming domain. His director roles at esteemed entities such as and Bookatable have added to his impressive career repertoire. Within the gaming sphere, his strategic guidance has benefited companies across various genres and stages of development, including Avalanche Studios, Supermassive, Star Stable, and many more, showcasing his versatile contribution to the gaming community.

Trophy Games’ CEO, Søren Gleie, expressed his excitement over Weider’s board appointment, highlighting the profound impact Weider’s extensive experience and strategic insights are expected to have on the company’s trajectory. “Mikkel is not merely another addition to our board; he brings a level of expertise and vision that promises to catalyze our journey towards greater innovation and success. His previous engagements with Trophy Games in a strategic capacity further assure us of the immense value he brings to our team,” stated Gleie.

On his part, Mikkel Weider shared his eagerness to contribute to Trophy Games’ future accomplishments. “Joining Trophy Games represents a thrilling new chapter in my career. The company’s commitment to data-driven, passionate game development aligns perfectly with my vision for the future of gaming. I am looking forward to leveraging my experience to foster growth and innovation at Trophy Games,” said Weider.

Trophy Games prides itself on a straightforward, business-savvy approach to game development, focusing on creating immersive gaming experiences rooted in real-world interests. With Mikkel Weider’s strategic acumen now part of its arsenal, Trophy Games is set to embark on an exhilarating phase of growth and innovation, promising to bring unique and engaging content to gamers around the globe.

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