Turbo Kid, a pixel-art Metroidvania BMX game, is arriving this April

Exciting news for fans of the 2015 cult superhero film and gamers alike, as the anticipation builds for the release of Turbo Kid. Developed by Outerminds, this new title is set to bring the world of Turbo Kid to the realms of gaming on April 10th, exclusively for PC. Immerse yourself in a game that perfectly captures the essence of its movie counterpart, setting players on an adventure through a dystopian 1997, crafted with nostalgia-fueled pixel art and Metroidvania mechanics.

Inspired by the retro-futuristic vistas of the 80s, Turbo Kid thrusts players into the shoes of the eponymous hero, a devout comic book fan turned unlikely savior. With humanity on the brink of collapse, water turning into a scarce commodity, and tyrants ruling over wastes with iron fists, it falls upon Turbo Kid to pedal his way through peril, facing a manipulative Preacher and his loyal followers. Your mission is simple: liberate the oppressed town and bring an end to its theocratic tyranny.

Embark on a journey through sprawling worlds teeming with surprises, challenges, and danger at every turn. Players can expect to indulge in an array of activities – from upgrading and building to engaging in a mix of combat, exploration, and traversal mechanics. Whether you’re blasting enemies away, slashing through obstacles, or simply riding your BMX across the vast wastelands, Turbo Kid promises a riveting blend of action and adventure.

The adventure is further enriched by an electrifying soundtrack, meticulously orchestrated by Le Matos, masters of the electronica genre. This musical backdrop is sure to keep your adrenaline pumping as you navigate through the game’s meticulously designed levels.

An expression of sheer passion and dedication, the team at Outerminds, alongside their collaborators at RKSS and EMA Films, has worked tirelessly to transform the beloved movie into a standalone gaming experience. As the release date approaches, the developers are eager for players to dive into the demo and, ultimately, the full game, to experience the unique blend of humor, story, and action that distinguishes Turbo Kid. Praised for its innovative incorporation of all-terrain bikes within a Metroidvania framework, the game also promises an entertaining mix of humor, heartfelt storytelling, and the kind of over-the-top gore that fans of the film will remember fondly.

With its debut just around the corner, Turbo Kid is shaping up to be an adventure that will captivate both gamers and fans of the original film alike. Mark your calendars for April 10 and get ready to pedal your way through a post-apocalyptic 1997 that’s as dangerous as it is nostalgic.

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