A new Far Cry might be in the works, Ubisoft job listings suggest

In what appears to be a nod towards the future of one of their most iconic franchises, Ubisoft’s Canadian studios have sparked conversations and excitement among fans with hints of a new installment in the Far Cry series. This development comes three years subsequent to the last entry in the series, stirring speculation about what’s next for the acclaimed open-world FPS saga.

Ubisoft’s Canadian branches, located in Toronto, Montreal, and Sherbrooke, have posted several job listings that have caught the eye of gamers everywhere. These positions are related to a project simply dubbed the ‘Far Cry Project’. The specifics of the project remain shrouded in mystery, as the listings provide no further details about what to expect from this upcoming venture.

The variety of positions advertised, including Associate Producer, Team Lead Game Design, Art Team Lead, and Programming Team Lead, hint that this new Far Cry endeavor is in its nascent stages. These roles, typically involved in mapping out the broader vision of a game, indicate that development is still in the pre-production phase.

The involvement of Ubisoft’s Canadian studios in this project is particularly promising. These teams have nurtured the Far Cry franchise since the days of Far Cry 2, earning acclaim for their creation of immersive open-world experiences set in breathtaking, yet perilous environments. The latest release, Far Cry 6, emerged as both a critical darling and a commercial success, underscoring the enduring appeal of the series.

Though the project’s title, ‘Far Cry Project’, does not explicitly confirm that this would be the seventh main installment in the series, the lapse in time since Far Cry 6’s launch suggests that this project is more likely to be a full-fledged sequel rather than a spin-off akin to Far Cry 3’s Blood Dragon. While Ubisoft has yet to unveil specific details about what this project entails, the prospect of delving into a new Far Cry adventure is undoubtedly exciting news for fans of the series.

As anticipation builds, speculation abounds on the setting, characters, and innovations that could define the next chapter in the Far Cry saga. While Ubisoft keeps details close to its chest, the mere confirmation of a new project in the works is enough to keep the community eagerly watching for any drop of information. Stay tuned as we continue to follow this developing story, ready to share the latest updates on what promises to be another thrilling addition to the Far Cry franchise.

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