Xbox Fans Face a Surprising Twist with Game Pass This Month

In a turn of events that has caught many Xbox enthusiasts off guard, the balance of new offerings versus departures on Xbox Game Pass for May has tipped unfavorably. For the first time in a while, the platform will see a reduction in its catalog, as the number of titles being phased out surpasses those being introduced. This adjustment marks a deviation from the customary expansion of the Game Pass library we’ve grown accustomed to month over month.

This month, subscribers will welcome a modest sum of five new games. Conversely, a total of eight titles are scheduled to be withdrawn from the service. This shift has sparked a wave of nostalgia and a scramble amongst gamers aiming to enjoy these games before they disappear from the lineup.

Highlighting the departures is Norco, an indie darling that boasts an impressive Metacritic score of 89. Renowned for its engaging point-and-click adventure gameplay, Norco stands as the highest-rated game bidding adieu to Game Pass this month. Following closely is Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2, a sequel celebrated for its enthralling turn-based strategy RPG mechanics and a deeply integrated choices-matter system, holding an 84 score. These departures, particularly notable for their critical acclaim, are poised to leave a palpable void in the service’s diverse catalog.

Other significant titles on the way out include Just Cause 4, the latest installment in its action-packed series, and Eiyuden Chronicle Rising. The latter served as a side-story prequel, laying groundwork and heightening anticipation for the launch of Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes. For fans who were using it as a narrative primer, its removal comes as a particular disappointment.

With a two-week window remaining before these games vanish from the Xbox Game Pass roster, gamers are urged to dive in and experience these worlds while they still can. Many of the titles on the departure list are smaller in scale, potentially allowing dedicated players to explore them thoroughly before the deadline.

As May 15 approaches, marking the date these titles will sunset on Game Pass, the community is encouraged to make the most of the remaining time. This period offers a unique opportunity to engage with a variety of experiences, from critically lauded adventures to beloved series entries, before they transition away from the Xbox Game Pass offering.

While farewells to favorite games can be bittersweet, Xbox Game Pass continues to be a dynamic and evolving service, promising fresh discoveries and exciting adventures ahead. As we bid adieu to these titles, the anticipation for what’s coming next on Game Pass remains undiminished, with gamers eagerly looking forward to the new experiences that will fill the void left behind.

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