Igniting Curiosity: 3rd Annual Suncoast Remake Learning Days Takes Hands-On Learning to New Heights

The enchantment of learning through play and exploration takes center stage at the 3rd annual Suncoast Remake Learning Days, a festival that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary for children and families across the Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte, and DeSoto counties. Running from April 20 to May 4, this event is set to expand young minds and horizons, proving that learning knows no bounds.

This year’s edition is not just another celebration of knowledge and creativity; it marks a significant extension from its predecessors, offering an unprecedented 15 days of engagement. This extension comes in response to the overwhelming success of the past festivals, ensuring that participants have even more opportunities to delve into the wonders of hands-on learning.

With 304 events sprawled across 10 locations, the festival is themed around six pillars of learning: Arts, Maker, Outdoor Learning, Science, Technology, and Youth Voice. These events are thoughtfully designed to take place in accessible, community-friendly venues such as museums, libraries, schools, and community centers, courtesy of a diverse group of local creators, educators, and organizations.

Spearheaded by The Patterson Foundation and under the guidance of Beth Duda, director of the Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading and the Suncoast Remake Learning Days, the initiative is a testament to the power of collaborative learning.

“Learning happens everywhere. Expanding access beyond the classroom to all kinds of hands-on learning opportunities helps kids and their families to be lifelong learners,”

Duda remarked, highlighting the significance of these interactive, family-friendly events.

Among the myriad of activities, participants can look forward to:

  • Experiencing the mechanics and excitement of “Big Truck Day” at CoolToday Park in Venice, an interactive showcase of 30 different big trucks.
  • Unleashing their inner artist by painting on rocks at the “Blooms and Bugs” elementary art show at the Visual Art Center in Punta Gorda.
  • Exploring potential careers in veterinary medicine with hands-on animal learning experiences at “Animal Fest at AHA” in Arcadia.
  • Taking a global journey in just 180 minutes at the Cranberry Elementary School in North Port, featuring an exploration of the seven continents.
  • Discovering the wonders of science and nature at the “Soar in 4” event in Bradenton’s Bishop Science Museum.
  • Building a foundation in early math and science through interactive play at the “BLOCK Fest” by the Early Learning Coalition of Manatee County.

For those eager to dive into the festivities, the free SRLD2024 app provides a comprehensive event calendar, registration details, directions, and updates in both English and Spanish. This digital companion ensures that no family misses out on the opportunity to feed their curiosity and foster lifelong learning habits together.

The Patterson Foundation’s President, Debra Jacobs, encapsulates the festival’s core mission,

“Remake Learning Days aims to connect people and organizations by supporting engaging and high-quality events that spark curiosity and allow families in the region to learn and grow together,”

emphasizing the festival’s role in nurturing a strong, interconnected community.

As the Suncoast region gears up for a fortnight of discovery, creativity, and fun, the 3rd Annual Suncoast Remake Learning Days stands as a shining beacon of the joy of learning, promising unforgettable experiences that go far beyond the conventional classroom setting.

Article submitted by Susan Yannetti

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