No Bloodborne 2, but PS5 Owners Still Got a Big Soulslike at State of Play

The persistent whispers of a Bloodborne sequel being announced at any PlayStation State of Play event have yet again not come to fruition. Nevertheless, PlayStation 5 enthusiasts have a reason to remain excited with the unveiling of an exclusive new Soulslike game, Ballad of Antara. This title, which has no association with the renowned FromSoftware, has nonetheless captured the interest of the gaming community through its intriguing announcement trailer released on May 31.

Developed by Tipsworks Studio, Ballad of Antara is described as an action RPG that takes players on “an adventure of two intertwined fates across exotic landscapes.” The game encourages playing as different characters, each boasting unique builds and combat styles. Furthermore, its multiplayer aspect ensures that players can join forces to tackle the daunting monsters showcased in its trailer, enhancing the gaming experience.

While the announcement focused more on cinematic visuals than gameplay specifics, the limited combat footage hinted at an engaging dark fantasy universe. The design of its nightmarish creatures and haunting, intricate architecture seems to draw inspiration from other celebrated titles within the genre, such as Dark Souls 3 and Lies of P, suggesting a deep, rich world full of lore and mystery.

Tipsworks Studio is no stranger to the Soulslike genre, having previously developed Pascal’s Wager in 2021. Despite Pascal’s Wager receiving mixed reviews, Ballad of Antara appears to be a step up in terms of polish and visual style. The studio has announced that Ballad of Antara will adopt a free-to-play model, supplemented by post-launch updates that will introduce new levels and characters, signaling a commitment to maintaining and expanding the game world over time.

A crucial aspect for the potential success of Ballad of Antara is its combat system. The allure of the announced features and the prospect of continuous updates are significant, but the actual enjoyment of any action-oriented game heavily relies on a well-executed combat system. Concerns might arise from the sparse in-engine combat footage provided thus far; however, Tipsworks has indicated that a beta version of Ballad of Antara will be available soon, which should offer a clearer picture of what to expect from the game’s mechanics.

Set to launch in 2025, Ballad of Antara has already started to generate buzz within the gaming community. As more details emerge, especially regarding its combat system and gameplay mechanics, it will be interesting to see if it can fulfill the high expectations set by its visually stunning announcement. For PlayStation 5 owners longing for a worthy Soulslike experience, Ballad of Antara might just be the game to watch out for in the coming years.

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